20 Settings to Improve Your Game in LoL

LoL, like many other long-running games, has both advantages and disadvantages as a result of its age. Even with regular improvements, you’ll note that many of the better settings have become favourites among top players and streamers in recent years. Even so, there are enough changes that you need make modifications from time to time. The finest mouse, key binds, controller, video, and sound settings for PC in 2022 are covered in the categories below.
Mouse Acceleration: Off
Mouse DPI: 1200 1600+
Mouse Speed: 20 25
Camera Move Speed (Mouse): 15 20
Camera Move Speed (Keyboard): 55 60
Abilities: Q, W, E, R
Summoner Spells: D, F
Items: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, C
Trinket: 6
Quick Casting: Quick Cast All
Self-Cast: Alt + Key
Auto Level Up: CTRL + Spell Key
Target Champions Only: ~

Let’s start with something that you most likely did not even think about, if I say that objects can be tied to their places and they will always be collected in a certain slot, and you no longer need to smash the keyboard with your head when a harmful potion is drunk instead of a zone in the batch.

Here’s how to do it. In the client, open the “collection” tab now – this is the icon with a backpack, then go to the “items” section, at the very bottom, click on the “summoner” and on the left, enter the name of the desired character, then click “create” in the lower right corner.

Firstly, here you can customize the recommended items for your favorite champions, this will speed up shopping at times during the game. We recommend right now to adjust the assemblies, at least on my champion, and in order to bind an item to a specific slot, click on the gray rectangle directly above the icon, a menu with an inventory will pop up, where you will bind the item to a specific slot by pressing a key. Now, when in the game you buy the selected item, then there it will automatically fit on a convenient key.

Literally two minutes of your time and you won’t die because the potion was on the wrong button.
Okay, we still have 19 settings ahead, so let’s not waste any time. For convenience, let’s split the settings into three types:
Mechanical are hotkeys that will improve your mechanics.
Video settings, they optimize the gameplay and allow you to get an advantage over the enemy at all stages of the game.
Hidden settings, most often they are hidden in the wilds of the menu, so few people know about them.
Ok, let’s start with the mechanical section, specifically the quick use setting. It allows you to use abilities without delay immediately after pressing a key. This is the opposite of the standard use, where you first press a key, then an indicator appears, and only then the ability is applied. The advantage of fast use is response time, you will dodge faster, use both single abilities and complex combos faster. Your reaction time will improve on its own.

The main disadvantage of this feature is that the direction indicator is not visible to players in advance. The trajectories need to be selected immediately, one of the solutions to the problems, and check the box: quick use with an indicator. This is somewhere between normal use and really fast. You will see an indicator when pressed, but the ability will not apply until you release the key. The problem is, again, a normal fast cast will fire faster. Here’s a comparison of the same actions with two different settings. You will cast super fast, but you will not be able to change the original direction of the skills. To work around this issue, we recommend using the real pro player setting. First, go to the “menu” and put on fast use, for a good reaction speed. Then go to the “hotkeys” section and find the keys for normal use there. Bind them with Shift + Q, Shift + W, Shift + E and Shift + R. What does this give us? Let’s say you’re playing Ahri. You distribute the perfect smart casts with a quick cast, and there are times when you need to take good aim with charm. For them, we need shift. The spell will not be applied when you press the key and you will have time to hit the manning enemy. You can also use shift for more convenient use of massive abilities. For example, hold down shift + q and hit charm on all minions at once. With these settings, you have the shortest possible reaction time by default, but in special cases you can use shift. These are the settings that most professional players play with.

Okay, now that you run through your skills as a challenger, let’s try to fix the unpleasant situation using the minion ability. You can stun a creep or even cast using flash. The hotkeys have a setting called “select champion only”. For example, I can hold down the key, my hero cannot attack minions, the same with the tower and camps. I can only attack champions and that is really useful. Targeted abilities like Twisted Fate cards that now physically cannot fly into creeps are a very valuable lane skill. You will prevent hitting creeps while exchanging auto attacks. Also, by running away, you will exclude miss click minions or random objects like wards, and this is really cool. You will be able to take positions inaccessible before. For example, in the Raptor camp, you can approach the monster itself. This can help with both unexpected explosions and camp escapes. To customize this button, go to “settings” – “hotkeys” – “Summoner skills and spells” tab. Scroll down to select only champions. We advise you to choose the most convenient key yourself, since you will have to use it quite often.

Next, perhaps the most striking mechanic setting in the game, is the attack on the move. You can endlessly jump around the enemy like the best of the best, and after the game your friends will ask how and what to do to learn how to move like a pro. The trick is that you will not click directly on the enemy, but will click on the area where he is. You don’t need to be a mechanical genius to accurately take every step and shot exactly where you want it to go. If you do it with your hands, then with the probability of one hundred percent, sooner or later you will miss. At best, it will not be a profitable exchange, at worst, death. We go into the settings, select the “hot keys” and find the tab “player movement”, there we select the “movement setting and attack” by default this key is “A”. Then you can go to the “interface” tab, and check the box “show attack range”. Now, when you press the “A” KEY, the attack radius will be highlighted, this is an invaluable setting for the game. It will unrealistically advance your understanding of the concept of spacing.

Spacing is dealing damage from the greatest possible distance. Let’s say I played Caitlyn against Vayne. The Caitlyn’s attack range is 650, the Vayne’s is 550, and to take advantage of this 100 advantage, you need to auto attack from within Vayne’s inaccessible range. If you do not feel your radius, then you will go into the enemy’s radius and receive cabbage soup for it. This is why it is so important to use this setting in conjunction with the attack range indicator. Over time, you will learn to kite like a pro and will be able to focus on other aspects of the game.

There is also another setting that would be nice to enable. Go to the “Game” tab and check the box “Attack Cursor”. This will allow you to click next to the enemy, and the hero himself attacks from the maximum range. If this feature is disabled, the champion will not independently move towards the goal. If you do not use this setting, you will either lose auto attacks, or do them on the nearest minion. Many people know about attack on the move, but almost no one knows how challenger ranked players optimize their controls to do it quickly and easily.

Okay, you already have a few settings for proper movement, let’s talk about the mechanics of stopping. The stop command will help to interrupt the current actions: run, auto attack or ability, this is much more useful than it seems at first glance. The most commonplace example is last hits, you are trying to calculate the health of a creep to launch a projectile, but the projectile still has its own flight time, when there are no enemies on the line, you can approach the creep directly with the stop button and finish it off without the projectile flight time. This technique is especially useful when you have hit a double or triple pack and it is almost impossible to take a good shot. Plus, you can do a cool trick of stopping the animation right in the middle of the attack, there is no benefit in this, but the enemy can pretty much lose his temper. By default, the installation is bound to the “S” key and we recommend leaving everything as it is. This is a very natural position for this button.

Now let’s talk about the F keys. The F keys help to bring the screen to teammates and at the same time do it quickly and conveniently. Usually players move the camera with the mouse to each line separately, this is time-consuming and ineffective at all. They line up in the camera control menu. We recommend putting allies on the f1 to f4 keys, and bind yourself to the spacebar, this is a very convenient setting for any role, but especially it will be useful for foresters. In your spare time, just click all the lines in turn, and then press the spacebar to return to the champion. This, firstly, helps to see good opportunities for ganks, and secondly, you will be the first to know about the exit of the enemy forester.

And the final setting in the mechanical section “movement forecast”, before no one really knew about this setting, but then we started using fakirs to find van and caps with jita and, as you guessed it, all at once put this tick.
What does it give? It seems that your ping decreases, but this is only at first glance, the enemy will not notice any difference in your actions. In fact, this setting causes a conflict between the server data and what is happening on the screen, from which it follows that the setting does not provide any visible advantages. It is entirely up to you and your perception if it is convenient for you to see the action without delay.

You are probably wondering why pro players use this setting. As we said, this is mainly due to personal feelings, they just like to see the instant reaction of the champion. It is also worth noting that all Lan tournaments are held with zero ping and single selection. They try to train in similar conditions. So, in fact, the setting is twofold, on the one hand, you get an instant response on the screen, on the other hand, inaccurate data from the server, it’s up to you.

Moving on to the video settings. To begin with, we hide the decorative elements, this will remove all unnecessary and slightly reduce the load from the computer. Further, the scale of the minimap must be increased to 100, you will be surprised, but professional players look at the minimap almost more often than at the screen. Zooming in will allow, firstly, to pay more attention, and secondly, to see more details. And finally, the scale of the interface, you turn it to 0, there we will only look at the ability’s cooldown. It would be better to leave more room for the game itself. Also, if you suffer from color blindness, then obviously you want to turn on the mode for color blindness, but it also gives people without color blindness an advantage, in the form of a clearer display of some abilities.

Also, if you are the proud owner of an Nvidia video card, you can adjust the increased color rendition, this will be especially useful for viewing subtle abilities that merge with the landscape.
We reviewed the basic video settings that directly affect the gameplay, but most players face another problem – how to increase fps. Everyone knows that the more FPS the better, so it would be logical to twist everything to a minimum. If there are not enough frames for a comfortable game, in fact, a high fps allows you to see everything in real time, and a lower fps creates an artificial delay. Although, in fact, not everything is so simple and much depends on the frequency of your monitor.

Refresh rate is a measure of how many frames per second your monitor can change. Most non-gaming monitors output 60 hertz, they cannot change the picture more than 60 times per second. Let’s try to establish a connection, let’s say in the game you had 300 frames per second, if you have a 60 hertz monitor, then it refreshed only 60 times a second showing 1 out of 5 real frames. The same thing works the other way around if you have 60 frames in a game and a 144Hz monitor. You will not see 144 frames, that is, it all comes down to finding a balance with the maximum possible indicators, the more frames and hertz, the more time you have to react and the smoother the actions on the screen will occur. If there is no way to buy not, then not, then try to set up the game in such a way that at maximum drawdowns the number of frames exceeds hertz by 10-20 percent. Also, just in case, right now go to the video card settings, make sure that you have the maximum possible value, many simply do not know that they have a limitation in the settings.

Well, let’s say we figured out the optimization and now let’s move on to the setting that one hundred percent of the players do not pay attention to.
Sound. The fact is, there is a bunch of studies proving that the reaction time to sound is faster than to a picture. There is a ton of audio information in League of Legends, we advise you to get rid of the sounds that distract you from the game. We go into the settings and turn off the music, voice and environment. Thus, you will clearly hear all abilities and spells and react to them a little faster.

Next, we have a few tweaks that will give you an edge right now. First, what we talked about. Focusing the camera on the champion. We put on the space bar and press in any incomprehensible situation. Next, check the box “show the cost of skills” in the interface section, this will help you quickly assess whether mana to cast is enough. It’s much faster to look at numbers than to get them out of your head.

The next setting is the vision signal, it is located in the “communication hotkeys” tab and is not tied to anything by default. Put on any convenient button, this is an extremely useful ping, the command is not always possible to understand why you are pinging to a particular area, and now you will have a separate ping for wards.
The next setting is to show the time in the chat. It is located in the interface section. This is extremely useful when you are pinging an enemy spell. You remember the timing and add the rollback time to it, but if you forgot you can always open the chat in a calm atmosphere. Now some commands that are entered through a slash, mute all – disable chat for all players. Mute teammates – disables allies. You can also turn off the ping of emotions separately, but I do not advise you to do this. Pings chat can be messed up by the one who is typing or pinging. Emotion chat of the enemy is also turned off by ticks in the menu. You can turn off the chat completely in the menu, but you will not be able to use it yourself.

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