Arclight Brand – skin released March 7, 2019. He shares his line with skins such as:

– Spirit Fire Brand
– Battle Boss Brand
– Zombie Brand
– Cryocore Brand
– Vandal Brand
– Classic Brand
– Apocalyptic Brand

In this skin, Arclight Brand is presented in the form of a mysterious creature gifted with divine power. In ancient times, Vel’Koz from the Voidborn race endowed a warrior named Kegan Rodhe with space forces and the mantle of Arclight. Spawn of the insatiable Wasteland, Vel’Koz is a calculating and cruel creature. He did the same with Rodhe. Centuries have passed and nothing is left of the warrior’s body, only a shell in which lies an unrighteous rage and anger. Splash art shows us the Arclight Brand literally incinerating enemies, with its power. They run away from Rodhe in fear, but his strength breaks down their bodies. Brand is wearing a tight-fitting blue suit, decorated with yellow luminous lines. His arms and legs are protected by beautiful gold armor, and a strange mask is dressed on his head. This mask completely covers the eyes of the Arc Brand and creates a glowing halo on the head. From this we can conclude that Arc Brand is controlled by a mysterious force, because it does not use eyesight. A bright yellow light also emanates from his hands, as if his energy was about to come out.

Riot did a great job and created a great model for Brand. However, the developers also updated recall animations, particles, and sounds. So, during a recall, Arclight Brand launches clots of energy into the ceiling, which crumbles into fragments. After that, he ascends, exuding even more energy and light. Also, particles for Brand are clumps of golden energy, like particles of a bright star. The sounds that Arclight Brand makes are now righteous speeches, even spells. We can definitely say that the authors were inspired by comics about superheroes, in the process of creating this skin. The shards for Pillar of Flame stand out the most, which, like translucent flat particles, slowly fly upward, filling the entire space. The ground mark also looks aesthetically pleasing; it appears as a beautiful pattern that forms a symbol. It is also fascinatingly to observe the effect of death. The champion literally dissolves into small particles of energy, and leaves a trace on the ground.

How to get Arclight Brand in 2022?

It is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. It costs 1350 RP and we can say that this is a great offer for such a stylish skin. It will appeal to all fans of epic divine skins, as well as Arclight themes.

Arclight Brand aspires to resemble a wonderful entity who wields light as a weapon. The difficulty is that he may very well be a modern-day superhero. The figure appears to be a cross between fantasy and comic book heroes, with its adorned outfit and partial armour, as well as eye-catching visual effects. Overall, Arclight Brand appears to lack concentration in his role as a magical creature of light. There’s a heroic appearance and light effects that appear to be too hesitant and scared to reveal their true nature. As a result, the skin loses its uniqueness and becomes weak. In many cases, the appearances are appealing, yet nothing stands out as particularly distinctive or stunning.

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