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Armor of the Filth Age Taric

Rarity: Regular

Price: 750 Riot Points

Release Date: April 07, 2010

Concept: Taric as a stylish paladin.

Model: Moderate model changes for Taric and new textures for his weapons.

Particles: No new particles.

Animations: No new animations.

Sounds: No new sounds.

Is it possible to buy Armor of the Filth Age Taric in the game? Yes!

“Entering the battlefield, we have a glorious and torn Taric, he was never thinner, he was never more charming.
Just what he wants you to think before he smashes you to pieces! “

Armor of the Filth Age Taric – This is most likely a playful skin, which is what Splash art is worth. Pink-violet color scheme, hammer with pink crystals, pink shoulders.
Simply put, a fun funny skin for just 750 Riot Points!
The Shield of Valoran’s subtle vanity is on full show in Armor of the Fifth Age for everyone to see. Because of the armour, the paladin aspect is present, yet it clashes with the skin-tight clothing. Not only do the spaulders appear to be balancing dangerously over Taric’s shoulders, but the majority of Taric’s torso is exposed. Of course, a low-cut shirt gives way to a shredded chest and gold-trimmed armour around well-toned biceps, allowing for a bold exhibition of muscle. Even while it may provide something that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a really effective skin. This might be as good as it gets for those who enjoy Taric’s crazy style.

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