Battle Bunny Riven – a skin released in 2012 which was created using the League of Legends community (a topic discussing the appearance of this skin became the most discussed on the League of Legends forum).

Initially, the skin was intended as an April Fool’s joke, but due to its popularity it is available for purchase in the official store.

The Battle bunny Riven skin itself is released based on the famous Playboy Bunny, with a change in texture in the form of adding rabbit ears and a tail that moves funny when moving or using Riven abilities.

Also, the standard sword was replaced with an orange, around which an orange aura appears during an attack, and the sword changes when using the Battle Bunny Riven ultimate ability.

The only thing that unfortunately the developers have not changed is the standard sounds, so you have to improvise.

Don’t go on his subtle looks and a sheer lack of muscles on his body he is as determined and strong as it gets. The bunny-like costume is because he likes to be dressed up properly for Halloween or Easter parties because making tailoring adjustments at the final hour is something that is totally unhinged even for the battle bunny Riven. You would see him jumping from tree to tree within the arena and wreaking havoc wherever he goes.

How to get Battle Bunny Riven in 2022?

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Battle Bunny Riven skin is an old-time skin programmed for those people who love to make fool of others like a special month gives us this opportunity named April. This skin stayed at the top just because of its hilarious animations and funny sound effects. Riot Games decided to sell it on its official skin sale stores. This skin involves the throwing of oranges towards the target to reduce their energy levels. Although this skin had a good time by staying at the top for a long still it has some cons because no special sound effects were not added to it.

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