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Black Alistar was released as one of the first skins in the history of League of Legends back in 2009 and is truly part of its rich and long history, as well as one of the rarest skins you can imagine.

How could a player get the Black Alistar skin?
Black Alistar skin was issued in the League of Legends collector’s edition on pre-order, which implies that this is probably the MOST rare skin that exists in the game! It was in 2009, then about 65,000 people got Black Ali. Just think about what 65,000 are compared to 60 million accounts (and this is only monthly active). Of course, many of these 65 thousand accounts have not been active for a long time, therefore we can only guess how few people can afford the luxury of playing the Black Alistar more than 10 years after its distribution, which means that this skin is becoming more and more rare every day rare and more expensive too. Who knows, maybe one day the average price for it will rise above $ 1000 …
Alistar himself, in the interpretation of Black, looks like a black minotaur in chains, which he allegedly recently broke and broke free. The original Alistar is made in lighter colors and overall looks much more harmless. Bronze skin and black fur on the legs create the image of a demonic, strange creature, as if it had arrived on earth from the depths of hell .. And the red stripes on the shoulders look more like wounds! Alistair getting out to freedom as if using incredible force that even his own skin burst! Or maybe these are traces of crazy battles in which he participated … In any case, we can only guess what the developers thought.
Since this is one of the first skins for both Alistar and League of Legends in general, it has animations and sound effects the same as the original skin.

How much is Black Alistar worth?
This skin for Ali has never been and will not be available in the store, as we wrote above, it came bundled with the collector’s version of League of Legends. Players who received codes to activate this skin often sold it for $ 400 to $ 1,000, and sometimes even more!

Black alistar skin was the most popular skin from the time league of legends was released. It was available for everyone in the store but there was a time when the programmers decided to make it rare. So, they remove this skin from the store and after a long time they decided to put this skin back in the store because of the urge of some gamers.
Black alistar is the symbol of status for some people because of its extreme price. People love to purchase this skin to show it to their friends. Only a few accounts have this expensive skin.
This is the rarest skin that is available in the whole league of legends skin and there are not more than 1000 skins that are out there among the league of legends users. Is it a bull, a fighter, or a hound that has been unleashed to devour anything and anyone who dares to come in his way? The bottom line with this skin is that you won’t be able to get your hands on one because of the extreme rarity of the skin and how appreciated this skin is in value among people.

How to get Black Alistar IN 2022?
Now and for a long time, Black AliSTAR is not available in any form in the official Riot stores, there is also no evidence that ultra-rare skins will ever be available for purchase, because this is part of the League of Legends story, a kind of artifacts. The only way to get this skin that we can offer you is to buy an account that already has Black Alistar. We collect the rarest skins and accounts in the game and our assortment has everything you can wish for. We invite you to see the options in our online store!

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