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Blood Moon Aatrox Skin

Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition is a skin released in 2019 and shares its line with such skins:
-Blood Moon Aatrox
-Blood Moon Akali
-Blood Moon Diana
-Blood Moon Elise
-Blood Moon Evelynn
-Blood Moon Kalista
-Blood Moon Kennen
-Blood Moon Jhin
-Blood Moon Shen
-Blood Moon Talon
-Blood Moon Thresh
-Blood Moon Yasuo

The series can be said to be truly large. And only a true collector will get them all!
The developers have added many accessories to the image of the skin. Unlike the standard version, the color palette of this skin consists of white and gold. It seems that the style was taken from the illustration of Wayne Barlowe, where hell and the demons themselves are gloomy. There is not any blood and fire, but only cold darkness …
Particles have also been recycled. splashes from the sword are now golden in color.

Also worth noting is the new animation of the memory. Blood Moon Aatrox skin absorbs the dark energy of Blood Moon. Ult animation also looks exciting. Aatrox is growing in size, wings appear on its back. It seems that the dark angel has begun its harvest!

How to get Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition in 2020?
The Blood Moon Aatrox skin Prestige Edition is a mythical skin that can be obtained from tokens during events with these unique skins. However, they may also fall out of prey. And also you can buy a lol account that already has this and many other excellent skins (many of which have long been unavailable in League of Legends) in our online store at a great price and with instant delivery! Often in the history of online games and League of Legends in particular, it happened that developers removed an item from access, after which it became incredibly rare, and its price skyrocketed to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars on Ebay, as well as in online stores like ours, so there is a chance that something similar will happen once with this skin, so we advise you to immediately buy the skins you like, but if you still haven’t had time and want to get a skin that has been unavailable in the game for a long time, we recommend pay attention to our shops We have compiled the most rare items in the game for you. Thanks for attention!
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