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How to Get Blue Essence in a League of Legends? The Blue Essence in League of Legends is the in-game currency. It is the most important one since it will allow you to purchase champions and more. 

It is how you can get more Blue Essence in League of Legends if you need to replenish your supplies. League of Legends uses a currency called Blue Essence, previously called the Influence Points. 

Whatever level of experience you have, you’ll need it for many things. However, if you are having difficulty farming Blue Essence, we have a guide on how to get it and how to use it effectively.


Methods to Earn Blue Essence

As a League of Legends player, you can earn Blue Essence in the following ways:

Become a League of Legends Player

Playing League of Legends will allow you to gain more Blue Essence. The more you play, the more blue essence you get. Level up and open level up capsules to earn Blue Essence and complete the First Win of the Day challenge. However, you may also have to complete a few challenges and quests to earn Blue Essence. 

Making Blue Essence with the Hextech system

Using the Hextech crafting system is another way to acquire Blue Essence. You can farm the currency using many different methods in your Loot tab. You will get Blue Essence when disenchanting Champion Shards. 

The shards can either be obtained by opening Hextech chests or opening level-up capsules. You can also turn a Champion Shard into a permanent discount if you already own one. Another way to farm Blue Essence is through the Hextech crafting system.

Taking Part in Events

For League of Legends, Riot puts on events like Lunar New Year and Worlds now and then. There are usually missions that go along with these events. Once you complete these missions, you may receive Blue Essence. Additionally, you can purchase Blue Essence from event shops.

Drop-in Esports

You can also get Blue Essence by watching League of Legends esports. Keep an eye out for your favorite league to air on the official LoL Esports site, and you’ll receive a boost of Blue Essence every few months. The Drop-in Esport will help you to get more blue essence.


How to Use Blue Essence?

In League of Legends, you can use Blue Essence in many different ways. As one of the most important currencies you will use, be sure to spend it wisely.

  • Purchasing champions: By far, Blue Essence’s biggest use is to purchase champions. If you already have their shard, you can upgrade them to permanent ones for a discount if you purchase them in the shop.
  • Purchasing rune pages means: Season 11 doesn’t require rune pages, but if you want multiple ones you can easily switch between, you can purchase them in the in-game shop for Blue Essence.
  • Upgrade Champion Mastery: Are you ready to prove your powers at Level 6 or 7? The Blue Essence can help you reach these prestige tiers.
  • Purchase chromas on sale: Chromas are occasionally listed as Blue Essence when they are on sale.
  • Purchase Essence Emporium exclusives: There is an Essence Emporium that opens after every six months. You can spend your Blue Essence on Chromas, exclusive skins, icons, and more if you have it in your account.
  • Change Summon Name: You’ll need some Blue Essence to change your summoner name. To change your name, you’ll need to use some Blue Essence. Afterward, you can change your name again. However, you need to ensure that the name you want doesn’t already exist.

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