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Championship riven is probably one of the most famous skins from the championship series, released in 2012 in honor of the most popular event in the world League of Legends.

Riot Games has a whole funny story connected with this skin. Initially, Championship Riven was released as a regular skin with a different name, but against the backdrop of the upcoming LCS championship, the developers decided to coincide this skin with the championship and create an entire Championship series. We can assume that with Championship Riven the very famous series of skins began, which by itself adds to its significance.

The skin design itself was inspired by the Indonesian volcano Ijen, which is unique in that under the influence of high temperatures, the sulfur located in the mountain begins to glow brightly in blue neon color. It looks really amazing! (and the volcano is not bad at all: D)
How to get Championship Riven in 2021? How much is Championship Riven worth?

In 2012, this skin was available in the store for 975 Riot Points or for free for purchasing a ticket to the LCS championship in the form of an activation code. There were some cunning ones who, by tradition, were trying to sell the code on Ebay, which sold quite successfully for $ 300, and even later Riot Games turned off this code in order to stop its online resale.

This skin was the highest prize for Pick’em World 2015, where you need to guess the winners at each stage of the competition without errors. In view of the impracticability of this task, only 1 person won and this was the first time that this skin has been issued to anyone since 2012!

At the moment, the championship series includes Riven, Thresh, Shyvana, Kalista, Zed, Riven 2016 released since 2012 in the corresponding order.
To celebrate the world championship in 2012 the skin named Championship Riven was introduced and to this date, it remains the most thirsted over skin among the league of legend players. The skin comes with a huge sword and dazzling looks of the Riven completely heart-piercing and armor destroying, one for the fans and one for the enemies.

How to get Championship Riven 2016?

Championship Riven 2016 was released in 2016 as a gift for players who want it. What is its difference from the original, you ask? Riot Games added the original Riven 2012 with new animations and a crown on the boot start screen, in order to decorate and emphasize the exclusivity of CS Riven 2012, there is nothing like this on the new model.

In the starting, it gains a position by slashing its weapon to gain momentum and hitting the enemy with the might to damage it completely. After the first attack, the enemy becomes
weak, and then it uses Valor to damage the other enemies around the target for its defense. In the third hit, it moves forward and creates protection against the enemy as well as gains momentum for heavy damage to the enemy. In the last attack, it crushes the enemy with his sword with the multiple attacks of sword and to get a winning position in the battle
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Reddit users also note that the exclusivity of Riven 2012 is that it is a very old skin, which is now impossible to obtain (indeed, it’s been 8 years already!) And there may be no visual differences, except for the animation and a special icon, but that’s all players before the start of the game will know which version of the skin they are dealing with, OG Championship Riven or its 2016 version.
Is it possible to get Vintage Championship Riven for free?
Unfortunately, it has not been available in the official store since 2012 and that’s not all, the activation code is now impossible to find, but not everything is lost. In our store you can purchase a ready-made account with a skin already activated on it and any other rare skins for a reasonable price! Thank you for your attention and have a nice day!

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