Coven Camille – skin released on November 27, 2018. He shares his line with skins such as:

-Program Camille
-iG Camille

Once upon a time, brave knights killed dark deities using the power of light. Evil gods are now trying to return to this world, including using Coven Camille as their creation. They invaded her soul, like a whisper from a distant dark dream. Her body is filled with these whispers of ancient tombs and she sprays this evil dark magic of her masters through peaceful lands. Once this will end, and either the light will triumph, or the terrible sorcery of ancient deities. Splash art gives us a Coven Camille standing in a dark forest in the midst of endless darkness and dead bodies. Through the trees only the light of the moon seeps, the only source of light in this darkness. Camille herself is dressed in an outfit of black and purple. She has new legs that look like pieces of dark magical metal. Also on her head you can see two black swirling horns, another sign of the dark essence of Coven Camille. The visual style of the skin is very gloomy, but at the same time elegant and emphasizes the beauty of Camille.
Riot has added new chatics and sounds in this skin. Particles now surround with a dark aura and leave frightening black traces, as well as mysterious runes. You can also see the purple flashes that occur when Camille uses his various abilities. Animation reviews also look interesting and intimidating. Coven Camille first draws the runes that the luminous portal in the floor opens. Ravens fly out of it and take over Camille and carry it. Sounds now consist of dark and gloomy runic hints. Hextech Ultimatum is replete with curved lines, beautifying surfaces. One gets the impression of using dark magic. Also, the developers came up with an original sound for him, so creepy that it even scares. The sinister howl gives an extra sensation, which is really cool. Adaptive Defense creates a golden shield, which is a little out of the general concept.

Sometimes when the morning is not as bright as it should be in the arena and the earth is shattering under the weight of the evil they bring the Coven Camille forward to turn the tables around. She is dark-complexioned, precise, focused, and has by her side the magics and witchery taught to her by her masters. No one is a match to her within the arena but you need to be careful with Coven Camille as her ego gets in the way of her skills and before you know it you are dawning with revelation around the defeat you have encountered with her, don’t let her get out of control and you will win every battle within the arena.

How to get Coven Camille in 2022?
Coven Camille is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time for 1350 RP. This skin is recommended for purchase by fans of the eclipse theme, as well as Coven skins.

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