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Coven Cassiopeia Review

Welcome, fellow summoners, to the bewitching world of Coven Cassiopeia! Released on August 12, 2021, as an epic skin, Coven Cassiopeia is here to enchant you with her dark allure and venomous magic. In this article, we’ll dive into the lore, concept, design, sound effects, and unique features of this skin, as well as its obtainability in 2023. Plus, I’ll share my personal thoughts on this captivating addition to the League of Legends universe.


Coven Cassiopeia emerges from the shadowy depths, a silver cobra slithering through the fog, rising from countless ancient graves. Her haunting presence stalks the ruling families of humankind, and her eerie sculpture garden serves as a chilling testament to those who dared venture beyond the safety of castle walls. Captured in eternal terror, her victims’ faces remain frozen in a never-ending nightmare. The lore of Coven Cassiopeia sets the stage for her mystique and ominous charm, fitting snugly into the dark and enigmatic Coven universe.

Concept and Inspiration

As a member of the Coven, Cassiopeia’s transformation into a spellbinding witch is nothing short of spellbinding. Her character now embodies the dark magic and allure of the coven, with her iconic serpent-inspired abilities seamlessly integrated into the thematic. Cassiopeia’s journey into the Coven ranks takes inspiration from the mysterious and occult world of witchcraft, adding depth and intrigue to her character.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Coven Cassiopeia’s design is a visual feast for the eyes. She dons a mesmerizing dark green dress adorned with bone-white accents. Silver antler-like adornments sprout from her shoulders, while her golden-trimmed attire perfectly complements her bright blonde hair. The skin brings with it a brand-new model, textures, and animations, making her an enchanting sight on the Rift.

But it’s not just her appearance that shines; the skin also features alluring VFX and SFX that transport you to a world of dark enchantment. Her skill particles and animations have been completely revamped, enveloping her in dark ash-colored magic with swirling purple flowers. And let’s not forget her recall animation, where she reclines on a couch surrounded by flowers while her three serpents elegantly slither around her. It’s a captivating display of her newfound Coven power.

Unique Features

Now, let’s talk about what truly sets Coven Cassiopeia apart:

  • Mystical Particles: Cassiopeia’s abilities come alive with dark, ash-colored particles and enchanting purple flowers that add a touch of eerie beauty to her destructive spells.
  • Sinister Sounds: The skin introduces new sound effects that perfectly complement her dark and bewitching theme, making every spellcast a symphony of magic.
  • Recall Animation: The recall animation is a standout feature, allowing you to witness Cassiopeia in her most enchanting moment as she interacts with her serpentine companions.

Obtainability in 2023

If you’re itching to get your hands on the captivating Coven Cassiopeia skin in 2023, you’re in luck! You can find this bewitching epic skin in the Riot Store for 1350 RP. With its intricate design, enchanting animations, and unique sound effects, this skin is a must-have for any Cassiopeia enthusiast.

Gamers Feedback

The Coven Cassiopeia skin has received mixed reviews from LoL players. Some appreciate its thematic consistency and character choices, while others are disappointed by its similarities to previous skins and missed opportunities for unique effects.

“Spirit Blossom is still her best. Coven is weak this year. Almost all the skins are for champs with outdated models and animations.”

“I like it so much!!! this one and Evelynn are THE BEST ❤💚.”

“Wow, didn’t change anything. Only the W, barely. Riot gave 0 fucks about the feedback. SO DISSAPOINTED. Still purple abilities, Was it so hard to simply recolor (not change) the abilities to a bit more green?”

“Going back to the 2021 coven event, I couldn’t be more grateful for the new additions. They were all very fitting, most characters fit in the femme fatale archetype and I feel like that’s what really makes these skins unique and good…”

My Feedback

As a fellow League of Legends player, I’ve had the chance to get up close and personal with Coven Cassiopeia, and my feelings about this skin are as complex as her dark magic.

First, let me say that I truly appreciate the thematic consistency within the Coven skin line. The femme fatale archetype is brilliantly executed, and Riot Games deserves commendation for selecting champions that seamlessly fit into the Coven universe.

However, I couldn’t help but notice some striking similarities between the Coven and Spirit Blossom skins. This left me feeling somewhat disappointed, as I had hoped for a more distinctive experience from Coven Cassiopeia. The sense of déjà vu when it came to her abilities and effects was a missed opportunity to make the skin truly stand out.

Additionally, I can’t shake the feeling that Cassiopeia deserves a legendary skin. While the Coven skin is undeniably impressive, it falls just short of the grandeur and uniqueness that a legendary skin could have provided for this iconic champion.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, my opinion on the Coven Cassiopeia skin is mixed. While I appreciate the thematic consistency and character choices, I can’t help but feel let down by the similarities to her previous skins and the missed opportunity for more unique effects. Riot’s choice to include Cassiopeia in the Coven universe received mixed feedback within the League of Legends community, with some players questioning her fit in the witch theme.

Overall, the skin seems to have garnered both appreciation and disappointment within the League of Legends community, and I share these sentiments. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Coven Cassiopeia a 7. It’s a solid skin with some enchanting elements, but it falls short of reaching legendary status.


What is Coven Cassiopeia and when was it released?

Coven Cassiopeia is an epic skin in League of Legends released on August 12, 2021, as part of the Coven skin line.

What is the lore and theme behind Coven Cassiopeia?

The skin’s lore portrays Cassiopeia as a witch with dark magic, and it fits into the enigmatic Coven universe. Her theme is centered around witchcraft and dark allure.

What are the design and unique features of Coven Cassiopeia?

The skin features a visually stunning design with dark green attire, new animations, and a recall animation with her serpentine companions. It also includes mystical particles and sinister sound effects for her abilities.

How can I obtain Coven Cassiopeia in 2023?

In 2023, you can purchase Coven Cassiopeia in the Riot Store for 1350 RP.

What is the general player feedback on Coven Cassiopeia?

Player feedback on the skin has been mixed, with some appreciating its thematic consistency and character choices, while others have expressed disappointment over similarities to previous skins and missed opportunities for more unique effects.