Frequently Asked Questions

All accounts that you can see in our online store are created by real players without the use of third-party software.

Accounts in our store are not linked to an email address. This is done intentionally so that buyers can later bind the account to their mailboxes. During the creation of accounts using temporary email. After that, you can bind to your mailbox. Can I change the mailbox address and password of the purchased account? You can link a new mailbox and change the password to log into the purchased account directly on the League of Legends website in your account.

Our store works with the PayPal payment system, through which most transactions are carried out. This system is used because of the high degree of security, and we do not have access to the payment details of our clients, which guarantees fairness and transparency of the transaction. At the moment, this service is one of the most reliable and convenient to use. Customer protection remains high. Apply advanced data encryption technology. Also in our store you can make payment by cryptocurrency.

Our customers can pay with PayPal without having an account in it. You can use a bank card or payment terminal to send money to our company details. Can I pay for my purchase in another currency? Payment system PayPal, with which we work, converts payments automatically. This means that you can pay for purchases in our store in absolutely any currency.

The login information for the purchased account will be sent to your email immediately after the payment. Within a few minutes, the username and password will be delivered to your inbox on the Internet. Our store operates around the clock, so the data will be sent as quickly as possible, regardless of what time you will make a purchase. We have made every effort so that you can receive the necessary data as soon as possible.