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Did you know that you have the chance to win a free LoL account? That’s right you are eligible to win a free account and all you have to do is join our free discord server no cost. There is no guarantee that you will be selected, but you should definitely give it a shot if you are interested in winning a free LoL account.

How to make a Discord account

Installing Discord is very simple. If you are on mobile you can download it from the App Store or Google play store. If you are on PC or MAC then you can download it from the official website. Though it’s worth noting that you if you have an outdated computer then you may have trouble running Discord.

Discord download link:

If you do not have a discord account then do not worry, because creating a discord account is as easy as pie. All you need to do is enter your information and create a safe password and then you will be good to go. Once you create a discord account then you can join our server. Servers are essentially a gathering of people who show interest in a particular topic. There are plenty of servers you can pick and choose from, though a majority of them require verification of some form so be prepared for that. League of Legends servers are quite popular on Discord, so it should be fairly easy to find other players to chat and hang out with. Often times Discord servers are a great way to obtain gifts, so Discord is definitely something you want to take advantage of if you are a League of Legends player.

Riot and Discord allow users to link their League of Legends account onto their Discord profile. By doing this, you can allow users to easily gift and connect with you. This is an excellent feature to take advantage of because it allows you to connect all of your League info to Discord which is helpful for things such as gifting.

How the giveaway works

You are eligible to win a free LoL account from our store, but we are also giving away several other prizes like free champions and more. Once you enter our server you can enter the giveaway by providing us your discord name, once you have entered you will need to wait for a certain period of time before the giveaway ends. Good luck! and best of luck to our contestants!

We will be offering multiple giveaways so please feel free to choose multiple if you wish. Bigger giveaways will have a smaller win rate so keep this in mind when entering for a giveaway.

Is the giveaway safe?

The giveaway is 100% safe and trustworthy. We will not be asking for any personal information, and we will make sure that this giveaway is as efficient and safe as possible for everyone that is entering.

We cannot guarantee that you will win the giveaway, but what we can guarantee is that we will make sure that the giveaway is as smooth and safe as possible.


Hopefully, you have found this information helpful! We want to give back to the League of Legends community by providing a fun giveaway to give everyone a chance of winning some nice prizes. If you join our discord server, then we usually host giveaways periodically so if you don’t win the first one then you can always enter future ones.

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