Gravelord Azir – skin released December 1, 2015. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Galactic Azir
-SKT T1 Azir
-Warring Kingdoms Azir

Lord of the dead, now Gravelord Azir serves Death itself. Instead of an army of sand warriors, he now commands the legions of the undead. These warriors do not know fear and pain and are ready to fulfill any order of their master. In addition, even the most terrible and bloody battles are not able to destroy his army, on the contrary, death only feeds his strength and increases the legions of Gravelord Azir. Splash art shows us Azir during the battle, surrounded by his zombie warriors. Their appearance is as terrible as that of the owner, and their eyes burn with a dead green color. You can see how Azir controls them with the help of magic, commanding them to go into battle. In the game, he is dressed in massive armor, which is decorated with images of skulls and mysterious lines. He also wears a blue-violet cloak and an iron mask that looks like a bird’s skull. Azir is armed with a huge black staff, with the help of which he can summon the dead and also destroy enemies on his own. Since this is the staff of the necromancer, he looks unusually strange and ominous. And in the middle of it is a gem that probably focuses all the power.

Riot, also added in addition to the new model, a new animation for recall and particles. During the recall animation, Azir rises and hangs in the air with its staff. A tornado spins around it and after that teleportation occurs. Green particles were also added for all his abilities. As already mentioned, the sand soldiers of Azir now have a new look. For example, when Emperor’s Divide is activated, you can see new zombie warriors dressed in armor similar to the armor of their overlord. He has a connection with them from ethereal green particles, which, like threads, stretch from Azir to his warriors.

How to get Gravelord Azir in 2022?

Gravelord Azir is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. Its cost is 1350 RP, which is incomparably small, I take into account all the work done by the developers when creating the skin. We recommend this skin to fans of the Lord themed skins and zombies.

Gravelord Azir appears to be a skin of highs and lows. In certain parts, it uses evocative horror designs, but in others, it just modifies items in a banal fashion. It’s a fun skin, but it feels like a lot of its potential isn’t being realized, and it only shows up in a few places. Also, while it offers almost as much as Galactic Azir, the increased price is tough to justify; the processed voice-over isn’t memorable. Apart from the concepts, there isn’t anything that feels substantial enough to set the skins apart. As a result, Gravelord Azir is a nice skin, but it just hints at the full brilliance it may accomplish, therefore it’s best to get it while it’s on sale.

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