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Hextech Annie is an incredibly rare skin in League of Legends, as well as one of the most expensive and difficult to obtain, which is why it is owned by so few players, although the skin itself can theoretically be obtained as early as 2016.

How to get Hextech Annie in 2022?

This is a mythic skin which means that it is not that easy to just come by and it is only going to show up in your shop for you to buy once or twice a year. With that being said it is a completely significant skin that finds its roots fixated into the Hextech renaissance. Annie is beautiful, coy, and almost a legendary fighter if it wasn’t for her pleasant looks she would have been feared among her enemies. The irony of this whole thing is that she is still feared a lot among her enemies right after they get to see her dangerous side but mostly when she is playing with Hextech.

The skin itself is a reference to the famous BioShock universe. Annie is made in the style of Little Sister, and Tibbers in the style of Big Dad. Frankly, looking at this skin you understand why so many players want to get it! In addition to Annie Hextech Anivia, Hextech Galio, Hextech Janna, Hextech Singed, Hextech Sion also were released. So, if you like this style, we recommend that you look at the entire line of Hextech skins.

Models and textures were changed for Annie, we didn’t forget about Tibbers, whom we loved, on Annie a completely different dress. In the new image, Annie appears as a hextech engineer. She tamed this great energy, and now Tibbers is not just her dear friend, but also a formidable creation, capable of protecting its creator at any moment. She is dressed as befits an inventor. Now on her head there are special glasses instead of a bandage, and on her hands are gloves with drives that emit electric charges. Overall, her robes became more practical, suitable for working with mechanisms. Tibbers, on the other hand, is a huge robot, naturally featuring hextech technology in its design.

In addition to the appearance, the skin has new animations, for example, during a teleport, Annie throws a Tibbers doll into the air, and itself teleports at that time.

All abilities, spells and also external colors turned into a blue Hextech flame, this gives a truly magical effect during fights, it is difficult to tear yourself away from this sight, believe me!

In addition, Riot added a huge number of sound effects that make this skin truly unique.

Furthermore, this skin was highly-priced because of its perfect color scheme that makes this skin more attractive and adorable.
To get this skin your account should be old because this skin was only available in the store before 2k16. You can get an idea about this skin as only a few players were able to get this skin in their accounts after that it was removed and gamers start missing this memorable skin.
This skin is so expensive but
This skin has a lot of additional animations that bring its price to the top level only the gamers with a good wealth can purchase it.

How much is Hextech Annie worth?

The situation is that this Annie skin is the most difficult to get skin (of course, of those that can still be obtained in the game), usually it requires opening more than 100 Hextech chests, many streamers are engaged in this exciting activity in the hope of finally getting the legendary skin. Believe me, you would be very surprised to see Hextech Annie in the game!

Hextech Annie price:

If you decide to get this skin, you will need to buy a huge amount of Hextech chests and keys, which will take a huge amount of Riot Points and in the end there is a huge chance to never get this skin, so it is so rare and unique! It can cost 300-500 dollars, and sometimes much more!

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