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How Long Is a League of Legends Game? This MOBA-type game aims to destroy the Nexus of the other team by collaborating with five players from 2 different teams. There is no way to speak of finishing a multiplayer game because when we complete it or when we’ve completed it is really up to us. 

There are so many things to do in League of Legends, such as creating an account level, heroes, skins, sprites, and more, that the game can be engaging for a few hundred hours or more. In addition, it is also dependent on whether or not the players themselves find the game interesting. 

You can immerse yourself in League of Legends and enjoy hours of playing it, or you can leave it after a few games. In this article, you will learn how long is a league of legends game. You will learn about the timing of all the modes. So keep reading. 


Playing Modes

The two main game modes in League of Legends are Summoner’s Rift and ARAM. There is also a rotation of different game modes throughout the year. Nevertheless, we will first look at the two main game modes for season 12 in this article.

Match time for Summoners Rift Mode

Each rank of Summoner’s Rift takes a different amount of time to complete: Each rank of Summoner’s Rift has a different match time. In the iron, bronze, silver, and gold matches, the average match time is 29:46, 29:41, 29:26, and 28:27, respectively. 

The average match time gradually decreases as a player’s skill level rises, skilled players can close out games faster, and the losing team realizes there’s no way back into the game. In this way, they often surrender and move on to the next match.

Matching time in ARAM mode

It takes longer for Summoner’s Rift to finish than ARAM. On average, ARAM games take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. Therefore, ARAM might be a good choice if you don’t have much time.

Match Time for Single & Two-Lane Map

On the other hand, Howling Abyss consists of a single lane, with matches lasting no longer than 22 minutes. Nexus Blitz – the two-lane map – is a must-have. 

Riot recently decided to launch this mode solely for special events throughout the year instead of making it available. In either case, you should be able to have 12-15 minutes to spare if you play Nexus Blitz, and if it goes into 18 minutes, you’d be facing sudden death.

Champion Select Time

Additionally, you need to include the champion select time. Selecting a champion can take up to seven minutes if participants use their seven-minute timers.


What Are the Factors Affecting Match Times?

Our analysis clearly shows that rank has a significant effect on League match time. It is also important to consider champions, team compositions, the Meta of the current patch, etc. In the early to mid-game, explosive champions can easily close out a game by getting a lot of kills. 

If both teams possess scaling champions, the game can drag on for a long time. Even if you are in the lead, you may not close the deal if you don’t have champions with good engagements.



Regardless of your perspective, there are so many different aspects that can make a difference in how long a game lasts, including the number of players AFK, the farming skills of each player, the average Elo of each team, and so on. 

Nevertheless, on average, we can say that a League of Legends match lasts around 30 to 45 minutes, but it can vary.

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