How not to flame playing League of Legends – the best game in the world?

We all noticed with you what kind of trouble is going on in the rank queues. Of course, Troll spades and inadequate schoolchildren have always been there and contributed to the gameplay. But it was not on such a huge scale and brought a little variety to the game. However, since the beginning of the quarantine, there has been much more chaos in the vastness of the Summoner’s Rift. The reason for this is clear, people do not have enough social activity due to long distance learning and remote work. And what do you want to do at home when your parents nag you every day or your boss is always not happy with your completed reports? There is an exit! Enter League of Legends and relieve your emotional stress! But how could it be? Basically, of course, spoil the mood of everyone else in the game, because from this, somewhere in the depths of the soul it becomes a little warmer. This is our nature! Therefore, answering the question in advance: “How not to flame in the game, if flaming is inevitable?” – just don’t play.

But seriously, stock up on chamomile tea, valerian, glycine tablets or other substances that stimulate your inner Buddha, because you are unlikely to be able to stay calm at all. Unless, of course, you plan to play seriously to improve your skill and win the game. As they say, if you cannot defeat the trolls, join them. Yet this is just a game, and whether you raise your elo or not, nothing will change in your life. A game is a game, nothing more, nothing less.

It’s understandable that getting worked up by your teammates and their poor teamwork and performance might frustrate you to the point you start throwing tantrums at them. Especially, playing with randoms. Flaming your teammate will make things worse. So, it’s a lose-lose situation for you and makes the team environment toxic. The best way to stop flaming is to disable all chats. When you’re losing, opponents’ toxicity will tilt you, which will end up you flaming your teammates. Just disable all chat for the best experience. Other ways are to disable emotes, so if you lose a fight, the enemy emoting on you would be frustrating to watch. The last thing you want to do if you still flame in the game is limit your game time so that you don’t get burned out and play poorly and flame your teammates too.

The best advice would be to sit down to play duo with your friend. Firstly, in the event of a loss or an unsuccessful game, you can always throw your guilt and mistakes onto him. Secondly, you can hait an annoying noob together, and hating with someone is much more pleasant, besides, +2 complaints about him at the end of the game and the likelihood of his being banned increases. After all, the most pleasant thing in the game is the inscription when the administration is grateful to you for the complaint and they banned this inadequate player. Well, if you are forever lonely, a typical hikkikomori with a 2D chan avatar on the avatar and social disability, then – the game is shit, but you hold on!

The second most important piece of advice will be – Mut all players. In fact, in the game, rarely does anyone write anything on the case. Basically, these are pings in the face for the fact that playing as a jungler, you stole a couple of creeps in the lane while helping to push it. Or pings to objects that no one wants to move to, and as a result, they go to the enemy. But of course you are to blame, because you are a forester! The forester always gets the most hate, because if someone leaked their line, then you are to blame. Therefore, this advice is most useful to foresters.

A third tip that will bring you a little clarity and prudence. There are almost no games where absolutely everyone is adequate and plays well. And in order not to burn that someone is leaking you a game, you need to look for ways to win it. After all, the same weak player, probably plays in the enemy team. Constantly make rooms for him, and try to make the game as uncomfortable for him as possible. Most likely he will burn out and leave the game and get up afk. Briefly, the advice can be formulated as follows: “Make your enemy burn out much earlier than yourself.” This game is a battle more psychological than understanding the game and reactions.

Here were some basic tips to help you enjoy League of Legends. I wish you good luck on the battlefields, but for now I better wait out this storm of madness, watching anime and eating cookies =)

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