How to Avoid Getting Banned in LoL?

First you need to figure out why in general you can get banned in League of Legends (we are not talking about temporary locks on the ability to play)

1. Perhaps the most common reason is abusive behavior. Every year, thousands of players get banned for insults in the chat forever, which for example you will not find in Dota 2.

2. Using third-party programs – everything is simple, any cheats, bots, map hack and so on are strictly prohibited by the rules of the game.

3. Suspicious activity on the account – if Riot gets the impression that your account was hacked or you sold it to someone, they can block the account until the circumstances are clarified, which often turns into an endless ban.

There are other reasons, but these are perhaps the most common.

How to Avoid Getting Banned in LoL in 2022?

Recently, Riot Games have not made drastic changes to the account blocking policy, so everything remains in place – behave yourself decently during and after the game and do not use cheats, bots and other third-party programs – these are 2 golden rules that will save you from 99.9% of cases of account blocking.

How to Avoid Getting Banned in LoL Buying League of Legends Account?

Everything is a little more complicated here, you will need to remember a few simple rules that will help you save your new account.

To protect your account:
Don’t try to contact official LoL support.
Don’t tell anyone that you bought this account.
Don’t buy RP about one week.
To get more safety, don’t play ranked games couple of weeks.

But do not worry, according to official statistics, 0.6% of players have ever been blocked, which means that probability theory is on your side. In the end, Riot Games did not create the League of Legends in order to then stop everyone from playing it.

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Riot Games has a zero-tolerance policy for players who break the game’s rules (TOS). You will be banned if you engage in any behavior that could be seen as a violation of the Riot TOS. Depending on the severity of your conduct, bans can be temporary or permanent. The following are some of the reasons you could be banned from League of Legends:

• Scripting
• Using software from a third party
• Being a poisonous player
• Boosting is prohibited in League of Legends. Scripting
• Using scripts to get an advantage over other LOL players is considered
cheating and will result in an immediate ban. Riot has strong scripting rules,
and there is little to no chance of your account being unbanned after this