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How to Get Better at League of Legends? League of Legends is a really fun game to play and people form close friendships with their teammates as they are working towards a common goal – winning the game. However, sometimes players can have trouble communicating during the game and lose games or perform worse than usual. By being better at League of Legends, you will enjoy playing the game more and also become a stronger teammate.

LOL requires a lot of skill and practice to be good. I think everyone can agree on that. However, what most LoL players aren’t quite clear on is how much to practice and what that practice should be focused on. While this isn’t a hard science and the amount of practice you need can vary a lot based on the individual, there are some general guidelines that are helpful to follow.

If you’re a new player or have a low rank, getting better at League of Legends is actually fairly simple.

Things might become much more difficult as you progress up the rated system. However, this is not to say that you will become stuck once you begin to climb!

In this article, we will go over a few tips and strategies to help you improve your League of Legends skills.

These are some amazing tips on how to get better at League of Legends Sure, it is important to follow these guidelines

At a Time, Focus on One Role.

Concentrate solely on one main character role and play that character in Ranked games if you want to increase your League of Legends performance. If you play every role or choose to fill as your primary role, your chances of winning games are greatly reduced.

If you’ve been handed the Jungle, you’ve got it all. Despite the fact that you’re not an expert at playing Jungle, you manage to get by. 

The more time you spend in one particular role, the better you’ll be able to do it. When you practice something over and over again, you’ll grow better at it. In order to better grasp how a match is run and what actions you can and cannot perform, you should spend a large amount of time performing your primary function.

Enhance Your Champions’ Pool

When playing ranked, you are limited to a few characters, much like when playing as a role. There are 156 champions to choose from in League of Legends, and you will not be able to win games on all of them if you play them all. With regular practice, you’ll get better at playing 2 to 5 champions, which will improve your odds of winning.

A one-trick champion will win the match even if the statistics are in your favor, despite the fact that you’ve only just played a few games with your champion of choice.

Boost the Power of Your Wards

Another underappreciated and underutilized ability in League is warding. With warding, you and your team are given access to a wide range of information that can help you win. League of Legends’ warding is so important that you need to know how to use it successfully.

Recognize Wave Management

Managing waves and knowing when to push and when to pull back is a common strategy employed by high ELO players. Although perfecting it is a complex task, the underlying notion is relatively straightforward. Minion wave control is a common flaw in the lane strategies of lower-ELO players.


e- Know-how waves work

High-ELO players abuse the strategy of wave management and determining when to push and when not to push. It is simple to understand, but hard to master. In my opinion, players at lower ELO levels make the same mistake concerning how they handle minion waves.

In the planning phase, try not to push the minion wave too much. In the event of a constant push for the minion wave, you open yourself up to ganks from the enemy jungler, resulting in your death and falling behind.

Additionally, pushing the enemy into their tower can create a zone of protection around you which could allow them to all-in on you as you approach their minions for last hits. On the other hand, you may have difficulty fighting your enemy or even getting a kill because their tower protects them.


f- Develop your own style

If you do not have to create your own play style and build, League of Legends is a lot easier. It would seem that using the build of pro players will improve your skills, but to do so, you have to adjust yourself to the build, instead of the build adapting itself to you. This will usually be disastrous.

It may be necessary for you to develop your own if you don’t approve of the build you’re using. Look at what your enemy is constructing and counter it You should never buy items that lack active abilities. If the situation requires it, build AP as support.

Try out normal games and learn what you need Someone who has been playing League of Legends since it was released likely won’t have the same build that suits your playstyle. Don’t be tied down to presets.



If you’re serious about improving your skills at League of Legends, there are a number of areas you can focus on. The tips we shared with you above should help you do that. They’re not quick fixes; they’re not magic bullets. But if you put them to work for you, they can help all areas of your game run more smoothly. And that’s one step closer to the level you want to be at.

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