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K’Sante Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, I’m diving into the world of K’Sante, an epic champion who made his debut on November 2, 2022, with the release of League of Legends‘ V13.20. This tank-slaying, top-lane powerhouse has quickly become one of my favorites, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts and experiences with you. So, why am I reviewing this champion? Well, the answer is simple – K’Sante is just plain amazing.


K’Sante, a true warrior of Nazumah, defends his beloved oasis in the harsh Shuriman sands. He’s not just fighting ruthless Ascended and colossal beasts; he’s also battling his own pride. Raised on tales of heroism, he’s fiercely independent and determined to prove his worth through his own strength. However, this pride-driven path leads to a falling-out with his partner, Tope. Now, K’Sante seeks the wisdom needed to save his people without succumbing to hubris.

Champion Abilities

K’Sante’s kit is a force to be reckoned with:

  • Passive – Dauntless Instinct: Marks enemies to take more damage from K’Sante’s attacks.
  • Q – Ntofo Strikes: Strikes forward, damaging and slowing enemies, with a shockwave that pulls them in at 2 stacks.
  • W – Path Maker: Charges up, dashing through enemies while taking reduced damage, knocking and stunning those hit.
  • E – Footwork: Dashes to an ally, granting both a shield. If no ally’s nearby, K’Sante dashes to a location and gains a shield.
  • R – All Out: Smashes an enemy away, shredding their defenses and dealing massive damage if they collide with a wall.

Advantages and Disadvantages of this Champion


  • Late-game tank and damage sponge.
  • Formidable frontline presence.
  • Highly rewarding to master.
  • Fun and challenging, with a high skill ceiling.
  • Can kidnap enemies and is a 1v1 god.
  • Great at protecting teammates.


  • Weak early in most matchups.
  • Challenging to split push with.
  • High skill ceiling (a double-edged sword).
  • Vulnerable to mistakes and punishes.
  • Tricky to learn ranges.
  • Some players dislike him.
  • Lacks early game damage in most matchups.

Best Items for K’Sante

 Doran’s Shield

Doran’s Shield is your trusty companion in the early game. It provides the safety net you need to weather any storm that comes your way. Whether you’re up against a formidable foe or simply trying to sustain in the lane, this item is a reliable choice. Its passive regeneration effect allows you to stay ahead of your lane opponent, especially if you manage to secure an early lead.

 Plated Steelcaps

Plated Steelcaps are the go-to option when you’re facing a team that relies heavily on auto-attacks and Attack Damage (AD) champions. Not only do they grant you some extra armor, but they also give you a significant edge against those relentless AD-based foes. Wearing these boots ensures that you can shrug off the brunt of their attacks, keeping you sturdy and confident in skirmishes and team fights.

 Iceborn Gauntlet

This item synergizes incredibly well with K’Sante’s kit, making it a potent choice. It enhances your trading capabilities and stickiness in fights, thanks to the Sheen effect, which grants bonus damage on your next basic attack. The slow effect from your Ntofo Strikes becomes even more frustrating for your enemies to deal with. Additionally, the armor provided by Iceborn Gauntlet helps against enemy physical damage, making you a formidable presence on the frontlines.

The key here is that Iceborn Gauntlet turns K’Sante into a crowd control machine. It helps you land your Ntofo Strikes with ease and, when you unleash your All Out, it makes it incredibly challenging for enemies to escape your grasp. This item is even more effective when you’re ahead and can snowball, as it significantly increases your kill-pressure.

 Jak’Sho, The Protean

Jak’Sho, The Protean is another mythic option for K’Sante, and it offers a unique set of benefits. However, it usually can’t match the utility and strength of Iceborn Gauntlet. Iceborn Gauntlet remains an excellent choice, even in scenarios where Jak’Sho might seem appealing. If you do decide to build Jak’Sho, make sure that the enemy team composition has a substantial number of melee or magic damage champions and that your lane opponent is a tank you can’t easily defeat alone. Jak’Sho thrives when you need to be the frontline for your team against heavy melee compositions.

It’s important to note that Jak’Sho benefits more from having other champions around you for the drain effect. This makes it a suboptimal choice when facing heavily ranged compositions.


Evenshroud comes into play when you find yourself significantly behind in terms of gold and resources. It’s not an item you should plan to buy from the get-go, but it can make you slightly more relevant in skirmishes and team fights when your economy is struggling. While it might not be your first choice, it can provide a bit more durability and help you stay in the fight, especially if no one else on your team has picked it up already.

Best Lanes and Roles for K’Sante

K’Sante is a tank/skirmish-heavy top laner. He excels in the top lane, boasting a strong laning phase with good damage and survivability. Whether you’re a tank enthusiast or prefer a more aggressive playstyle, K’Sante’s got you covered.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

In the top lane, K’Sante shines against champions like Tahm Kench and Quinn, while he struggles against formidable foes like Mordekaiser and Irelia. Understanding your matchups is key to victory.

Price of this Champion in 2023

As of 2023, K’Sante can be yours for 6300 Blue Essence or 975 Riot Points.

My Feedback

K’Sante offers a unique tanking experience that’s both challenging and rewarding. Mastering his kit can be frustrating but satisfying. Facing K’Sante in games can be equally daunting, with his outplay potential resembling Yasuo and Yone in the top lane. However, K’Sante isn’t a top-tier pick in typical games, especially against scaling champions like Kayle or Singed. His complexity and need for precise execution make him a better fit for pro play.

Best Guide for K’Sante in 2023

For those looking to master K’Sante, I recommend checking out this comprehensive guide:K’Sante Megaguide.

Best Skins for this Champion: Style and Power

  • K’Sante’s Empyrean skin is a sight to behold. It captures his essence as a defiant and courageous warrior, battling his way to protect his home.
  • The Prestige Empyrean K’Sante skin adds a unique twist with a purplish color scheme, turning heads on the fashion circuit.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

K’Sante wields massive Ntofos, a playful twist on Tonfas. When playing him, avoid constant pushes during the laning phase, as it can hinder your Ultimate usage. Post level 6, be cautious with your Ultimate to avoid ganks. Also, use your 3rd Q stack for advantageous trades early on.

Intriguing, right? K’Sante’s a champion with a rich lore and an arsenal of abilities that makes him a formidable force on the Rift. So, get out there and give this powerhouse a try – he might just become your new favorite champ!


Who is K’Sante in League of Legends?

K’Sante is a champion introduced in League of Legends in November 2022 with the V13.20 update. He is a top-lane tank-slaying powerhouse with a rich lore set in the Shuriman sands.

What are K’Sante’s abilities and playstyle?

K’Sante has a unique kit with abilities like Dauntless Instinct, Ntofo Strikes, Path Maker, Footwork, and All Out. He excels as a late-game tank, has a high skill ceiling, and is effective at protecting teammates.

What are the recommended items for K’Sante?

Key items for K’Sante include Doran’s Shield for early-game sustain, Plated Steelcaps for defense against AD champions, and Iceborn Gauntlet for crowd control and damage. Jak’Sho and Evenshroud are situational choices.

Where does K’Sante excel and struggle in the game?

K’Sante is best suited for the top lane and excels in the laning phase. He can dominate against some champions but struggles against others, so understanding matchups is crucial.

How much does K’Sante cost, and what’s the best guide for mastering him?

As of 2023, K’Sante can be purchased for 6300 Blue Essence or 975 Riot Points. For those looking to master him, a recommended guide is the “K’Sante Megaguide.”