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League of Legends: How to Jungle? Junglers perform a unique role in League of Legends Summoner’s Rift. They spend most of their time concealing themselves in the bushes between the map’s lanes, preying on neutral monsters, gathering buffs, and waiting for the opportune chance to ambush the opposing players. The role of the Jungler in League of Legends is to roam between lanes, securing neutral objectives and aiding the team’s top, mid, and bottom lanes. 

Having a constant presence on the map as a Jungler is a big advantage for anyone seeking to carry games or climb the ranks! As a result, it’s unsurprising that the jungle is frequently regarded as the most vital location in the game. As a result, newcomers to the role should become acquainted with all the subtleties that will aid them in honing their skills. This article will cover how to jungle in League of Legends.


Who is a jungler?

Junglers are one of the most unique characters in League of Legends. Between Summoner’s Rift’s three primary lanes, they spend the majority of their time gathering buffs, fighting neutral monsters, and flanking the opposing team.

When you first consider taking on this role, it appears daunting and complex as it is not your traditional laning experience at all. Aside from learning the mechanics of the game, the players must also know about certain monsters, buffs, and routes.


Route for jungles in League of Legends

One of the biggest challenges to being a jungler is deciding where you want to go in the jungle. Despite sounding strange, the term ‘route’ simply refers to how you kill neutral creatures inside the zone. Through time, players have studied and optimised various routes through the jungle to find the most successful and efficient jungle path. According to which side of the map you are playing on, these are the most common options today, and should help you start comfortable and adapt as you grow more confident:

Blue team: Blue buff – Red buff – Raptors

The Blue Team’s most commonly used path starts at the Red Brambleback camp, then moves onto the Raptors, before taking down the Blue Sentinel. Afterward, you can take on Gromp and Wolves, then decide whether you’re in a fit enough state to tackle Krugs as well. The alternative is to heal yourself, or to look for a gank in the lane if one appears. 

This path is best for champions who deal area-of-effect damage and require the health regeneration that comes from Red buffs.

Team Red: Blue buff – Gromp – Red buff

The blue team does the opposite of what the red team does. You should begin at the Blue Sentinel, move on to either Gromp of Wolves or Red Brambleback camp, and then complete your trip with the Red Brambleback camp. If your health permits, you can do Raptors, Wolves, and Krugs. Another option after your first clear is to back to heal if you’re low or to look for gank opportunities if an opportunity presents itself.


How to Play League of Legends’ Jungle?

As a jungler, the first thing you must do is establish your job. Determine which of the following three roles best fits you:

  • Ganker – Constantly ambushing opponent champions to stymie their progress. Nautilus, Jarvan IV, and comparable champions are excellent choices here.
  • Farmer – Quickly advancing to higher levels by clearing monster camps (Master Yi, Udyr, etc.).
  • Controller – Assassinate the opposing jungler, deny them resources, and maintain control of the jungle for your teammates (Trundle, Amumu, etc.).

Following that, you must choose appropriate runes in the pre-game lobby. Predator, Fleet Footwork, Guardian, or Nullifying Orb are the most popular jungle abilities. Now, let’s look at how you should conduct yourself during your matches.

The majority of junglers rely on ganking opponent champions to get an edge for their team and themselves. Select opponents with low health or champions who have gone too close to your team’s turrets. Approach from behind or to the side, and your adversary will have no idea what struck them!

Additionally, you must farm a large number of monsters to maintain a high level between ganks, but do not limit your farming to your section of the jungle. Additionally, attempt to take your opponent’s camps to deny them experience points.

Additionally, you must farm a large number of monsters to maintain a high level between ganks, but do not limit your farming to your section of the jungle. Additionally, attempt to take your opponent’s camps to deny them experience points.

Remember to employ wards. They improve your visibility in the jungle and might warn you in advance of hostile ambushes.

Finally, team communication can assist you in becoming a great jungler. For instance, you can inform your mid-laner that you’re about to gank their lane. This enables them to set up the gank and significantly increases your chances of success.

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