Public Beta Environment – Ultimate PBE 2022 Guide |


Public Beta Environment – Ultimate PBE 2022 Guide |

So you’re looking for a League of Legends Public Beta Environment Account, an account that many League of Legends players and testers yearn for. Maybe you’ve heard about the lucrative aspects of the pbe, the endless skins, the playtesting. Before you start and try to get your pbe account, understand exactly what the pbe is.

What is the “Public Beta Environment”?

The public beta environment is a dedicated League of Legends server where the player can play with upcoming content. Features and content that hasn’t been released to the main content may be available in the pbe. As a tester, you will be able to play with new reworks, champions, skins and provide feedback to the developers for it to pass through to the main game. Think of it as a testing environment.

Why would this benefit me? You may ask. Due to the nature of the Public Beta Environment releasing content early, competitively you may get an edge as new champions and reworks are announced earlier on the Public Beta Environment. By playing with these reworks and new champions, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the playstyle and the abilities of the champion. Even though a large number of items and changes in the pbe will not become official, it still helps to familiarize yourself with new content before it comes out.

Furthermore, new skins are also available on the pbe, the pbe is filled with new and extravagant skins that have never been seen before, some of your old favorites may also be there. Another bonus of having the pbe is so that you can try out skins before you commit to buying them. Already released and new skins may show up on the pbe market, allowing you to purchase them.
The pbe comes with all of the champions unlocked, and skins are the same price as they are in the main game.

The pbe may also have certain map changes or layout changes that aren’t present in the main game. This is used to test out certain features and figure out a balance within the game. Some of the things you see in the pbe will not make it to the final patch, but it is always fun to experiment and figure out new combinations and synergies between champions with new content. Furthermore, you can choose different voice overs that you wouldn’t be able to change with your original region.

For the low price of 1 bp per skin/champion, you really can’t go wrong, especially if you’re unable to spend the money to buy skins in the main game. If you’re looking for a place to test skins, champions, and other new content the pbe is the place for you.

How to get a Public Beta Environment Account in 2022?

First you must attain an honor level of 3 on your original League of Legends account, and must have a clean track record with no bans.

This of course must be on your main account, not an alternate account, implying that smurfs and other bot accounts are not to be used.

Once you have reached these requirements simply go to the League of Legends website and create a pbe account.

Once you have a pbe account, you need to download the separate pbe client. This client can be downloaded by choosing the “pbe” region on the login screen of your original client. The pbe server itself is located in North America, those that are overseas will experience high ping.


As stated before, the pbe comes with a plethora of new and different content. Since League of Legends operates on a two-week patch cycle, content on the pbe may be held on there for an extremely long time before ever making it into the actual patch. Many features of the pbe will also not be implemented in the real patch, as time passes many ideas and features will be scrapped and/or changed.

While the pbe is a place for players to test out new features, many have disputed against Riot as they believe Riot isn’t listening to their complaints and bugs. Usually before large updates and season resets, Riot will take more advice from its testers. Thus leading to a large number of changes before each season reset.

Every day the pbe gives 3000 riot points to each player to use. Unlocking champions aren’t necessary as they are already unlocked for you. Skins, on the other hand, will be the same price as they would be in the main client, to increase your riot points you may do daily missions or wait each day for 3000 points. Furthermore, you have access to legacy skins that aren’t available anymore for testing purposes.

Current PBE changes

As of 5/20/20 a new Volibear update has come to fruition. Volibear is now more serious and aggressively looking. Standing on two legs with bright blue claws, tattoos, spikes coming out from his back, and a serious-looking sneer, Volibear looks extremely different from his original counterpart. Volibear has lost his armor and looks a bit more nordic in comparison. Here are his changed stats.

This helps Riot Games to resolve any flaws before the patch is distributed to the rest of the world. For Riot, this is a priceless resource, as public testing saves time and resources while also giving fresh and exciting options for players. In addition, for playing a match made game, players receive a daily bonus of 3000 RP 3000. This lets gamers buy and utilize any champion, skin, or other feature they like. While this isn’t exactly what the PBE was designed for, it does allow users to test out champions and skins before purchasing them on their main accounts.

Changed Stats:
Base HP: 580
HP per level: 85
HP regen per level: 9
Mana: 350
Mana per level: 40
MP5: 6.25
Mana regen per level: 0.1
Base AD: 60
AD Per Level: 3
Base Armor: 31
Armor Per Level: 4
Base MR: 32
Movespeed: 340
Attack Range: 150
Attack Speed: 0.66
Attack SpeedRatio: 0.7
Attack Speed Per Level: 2

Along with differentiated abilities and stats, Volibear has been built from the ground up. His skins now look more modern and sleek compared to their old versions. It seems that Volibear has been modernized and given a breath of fresh air.

Along with the Volibear rework, Gnar has now received a new skin, Astronaut Gnar. Gnars artwork is seen holding a small looking alien while being stationed in some sort of spaceship. Gnar is seen wearing an astronaut’s uniform, with highlights of red and white. Although Gnar has an Astronaut suit on his tail is still exposed. Once Gnar has changed he becomes a greenish-blue hue. He changes from an astronaut to a terrifying alien, with a rugged back, sharp teeth, and green features.

Coming with Gnar is the beloved Poppy. Poppy is also getting an astronaut skin, with similar highlights of red and white. Her hammer now has a space logo insignia and even a rocket booster.

Both of these skins come with special recalls. Each recall has Gnar or Poppy interacting with these green tiny aliens of some sort that are apparent in the artwork for their skins.
New Chromas are also featured on the pbe, with Grey Warwick getting a Rose Quartz chroma, Medieval Twitch with an amethyst Chroma. Along with the release of two new astronaut skins, Astronaut Bard, Poppy, and Gnar receive 8 different chromas. Astronautilis and Astronaut Teemo also receive a dark bluish chroma. Summoner icons for these respective skins are also available on the pbe. Other than the skin changes of the pbe, a long list of champion changes has also been implemented.


Public Beta Environment is a great place to test out new champions, skins, and changes before reaching the main client. If you want to get an edge for what the developers are feeling for a champion, or want to test out some new skins without committing to buying them, the pbe is a great testing environment for you. While it used to be a hassle to get a pbe account, in today’s modern era it is as simple as a click of a button. Remember to keep your account clean, honorable, and you’re on your way to getting that sweet pbe account.

How to Download PBE Client?

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