Well-known for its dedication to costumes & aesthetics we have a game called League of Legends. Despite the fact that the application is freely available, Riot Games profits handsomely out of the sale of such beautiful and enticing skins/costumes all 12 months long. Fresh outfits are usually released at the start of the end of the 7 days or so, including particular Winners obtaining far more special gifts and stuff than others.

Throughout this post, we’ll examine just how many costumes and skins have become available throughout League of Legends, whichever Winners have by far the maximum, and also some additional skin-related information. With all this, let’s move on and get the show on the road!



By looking at the research done by the Fandom Page of League of Legends we can find out that the game currently holds up to 1305 skins, these are the skins that have become available to players with some of them being the usual kind and some of them being the prestige or the royal editions.

Every outfit in the game prices around 390 to 3250 RP (currency in-game), so assuming an average value of roughly 1400 RP (the typical value of the skins in-game), buying all outfits would take approximately $11,000.



Miss Fortune & Ezreal (name of players in-game) are tied for having the maximum skins of skins as they both have an outstanding number of 15 skins each. Lux, Akali, Twisted Fate, Annie, Ahri, and Alistar are the next 6 Characters, each with 14 outfits. Surprisingly, each of these 8 Characters’ skins was launched during an event of ’11. Given that all those Aces have also gone out for the maximum number of times, however, this isn’t unusual, and for that, we can dive a little deeper to discover why.

Burst mages make up the majority of the Characters mentioned previously. This category comprises Twisted Fate, Ahri, Lux, and, Annie whereas tank category is taken by Alistar & Assassin rank is taken by Akali. All of the 14 skin Heroes (besides Alistar) perform semi on a constant schedule, while high (Akali, occasionally) & backup are also represented (Lux and Alistar).

However, both of the Characters having 15 costumes are ADCs. Ezreal and Miss Fortune nearly always engaged bot lane. Jungle is now the sole category in the final 8 that isn’t covered. Maybe since jungle is the most difficult job to perform, and therefore is one of the least out-going.



There are a variety of skin oddities available, spanning between CLASSIC to ULTIMATE. We’ll begin at the end of the League of Legends fandom breakdown, which contains a wide selection of the each skin variety.

Timeworn/Classic (415–535 RP): All of the skins in here are generally previous skins that aren’t up to snuff when it comes to performance. They never really offer much to the player except a few small changes in colour scheme.

Budget (763 RP): The majority of these costumes are good, but unfortunately will not give a lot of variation. They are somewhat better filled out than old skins, however, comparing overall they still lack everything that a player might need from a unique skin.

Standard (1010 RP): Essentially, this is an improved variation of the skins from the delux category. They do not however give major significant modifications, although they might include motions & VFX improvements that cheap skins couldn’t.

Epic (1335 RP): The skins in here are the new & current norm today, with the majority of fresh skins being released during this category. These frequently feature significant variances & may entirely alter a Player’s appearance.

Legendary (1799 RP): Numerous features of the Champion have been drastically altered. The skins at these levels is where things start to somehow become dazzling, as well as the alterations that you have seen at Legendary are frequently sufficient to have the Champion look completely unique.

Ultimate (2800-3325 RP): They are the costliest and mainly pricey skins because they are in the pinnacle rank. With the exception of their powers, Ultimate outfits reinvent a Champion by modifying practically everything about their character. Elementalist Lux is a perfect representation that exemplifies the notion of what Ultimate Skins means.

With all of these skins available for a player, we also have 2 categories of skins that you can obtain through special events, gemstones, and rewards.

Mythic: These skins are mostly common for purchase from gemstones, though they have other special events from which you can find them, the most readily available for purchase with gemstones.

Prestige: Prestige decals are intended to encourage players who play frequently throughout the season. They are variant variants of previously released outfits that require 100 prestige credits to obtain.

That concludes our assortment of common League of Legends clothing queries. Luckily, you now have a clearer sense of just how the gaming company Riot handles skins & aesthetics, and even the various types of cosmetics that are available in the game.

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