SKT T1 Ekko – skin released on June 27, 2017. It shares line with skins such as:

-Trick or Treat Ekko

-Sandstorm Ekko

-True Damage Ekko

-Pulsefire Ekko


-Academy Ekko

SKT T1 Ekko is one of the skins created to celebrate SKT T1’s incredible performance at the 2016 World Championship. Duke, playing for Ekko, showed a beautiful play, worthy of praise. The visual style is largely preserved from the standard Ekko, but the clothes have become more elegant. Beautiful tones and mythological motifs in the image give SKT T1 Ekko an aristocratic look. He wears gold boots and gloves, as well as an unusual helmet, it all looks incredibly cool. The champion is also wearing a white jacket decorated with various patterns. His device looks like an hourglass, with a red stone enclosed inside. Some rays emanate from it, possibly magical. The sword looks like a ceremonial weapon, it literally sparkles, and attracts attention with pomp. Splash art showcases the entire SKT T1 team in superhero style. Besides Ekko, Nami, Jhin, Syndra, Olaf and Zac can also be seen. Undoubtedly, the SKT T1 line for 2016 can be confidently called one of the brightest and most beautiful milestones of its kind!

Riot has added gold particles for Chronobreak, Phase Drive and other abilities. Also, the recall animation has been updated. His holograms appear in front of Ekko, along with the team name and player name.

How to get SKT T1 Ekko in 2022?

The cost of this wonderful skin was 1350 RP, but at the moment, the skin is in Legacy Vault. Riot Games opens access to it for a limited period of time in honor of an event. But now the skin is not available for purchase in the in-game store and the only way to get the skin now is to buy an account with SKT T1 Ekko already activated on it in our store.

While SKT T1 Ekko does provide him with new clothing, the look is entirely Ekko. There is no punk element, and the clothes are more ornate, wealthier, maybe even aristocratic, but unnecessarily complicated. There’s a lot of retreated ground when you sum it all up. The new concept is unique and even complicated, yet it is muddled and lacks a clear message. Particles are unequal, as some are merely recoloured and seem quite similar to Sandstorm, while others have an intriguing design that isn’t developed further, and noises are simple. As a result, this is a skin that leaves much too much space untapped, unmodified, and, worse, disregarded. There is some attraction, but it is hidden inside the norm.

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