SKT T1 Sivir

Riot Games decided not to release this SKT skin for a number of different reasons, all of which are covered in this article. The skin was revealed to be a part of the esports skin group by the team that won the 2016 World Championship, and the player known as Bang chose Sivir as his or her champion character. The community was upset by the quality of the skins and the lack of work that had been put into them when they showed the progress of the skins in the middle of the construction process. The community was upset because the colors, costumes, and features such as the back of the effects did not match what the players had initially wanted for the skins.

The SKT T1 Sivir did not fare well with the League of Legends community when it was released. Reddit thread after Reddit thread made it to the front page, and each one discussed how “boring” and “mind-numbing” this skin is. In addition to having no recall animations, this skin, just like many of the other SKT skins that have been produced in the past, lacked any sort of personality or charm.

The community shared the opinion that SKT T1 Sivir did not do justice to the legacy of the bang or world skins in general. Riot developer KateyKHaos, who took the issue to Twitter in that year and tweeted that there was “nothing iconic” about this year’s winners to commemorate in a skin, was responsible for fueling a number of other controversies as well. People were quick to point fingers at him by saying that SKT’s mid-laner Faker made a spectacular entrance at the first group stage. Spectacular entrances are a staple of esports.

SK Telecom has indicated that they do not support the new skins in their statement. After their victory over Sbenu in the LCK, Faker was questioned about his feelings regarding the new skins that his team received. Faker responded, “No, they look cool, but maybe they’ll improve them.” “No, they look cool,” The previous year, members of SKT were polled on which skin they desired. Bang asked for Kalista, but instead he was given the SKT T1 version of Sivir.

A skin known as SKT T1 Sivir is one that includes all of the skin spotlights, background images, and models, and it even makes an appearance on the PBE.

This skin was the only one in the SK Telecom T1 2015 Championship line that was canceled before it was released. When compared to the other skins that were altered, Sivir’s was removed rather than changed. This was due to the fact that Bang, the team’s ADC at the time, desired Kalista. The Kalista SKT T1 was put in its place after it was changed.

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