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Spirit Blossom Lillia (The Bashful Bloom)

An old tale from Ionia, it is told that during the Spirit Blossom festival, the door for spirits opens, the dead come back to life, and the beginning of their story of adventures is witnessed. A beautiful spirit with a fragile sheen, having the appearance of a wooden stick with curved ends. Unfortunately, Lillia’s home was destroyed in the conflict that occurred while she was defending the Ionian forest in the beginning. Now she is on the hunt for those who she possessed in the past, launching furious attacks against her adversaries while simultaneously working her way toward the objective she has set. Blooming of the Spirit Lillia enjoys a naughty stroll through the woods of Ionia. Hiding just out of sight of fatal, whose peculiar natures have long fascinated, but demoralized her. Hiding just out of sight of fatal. Lillia has high hopes of discovering the reason why their wishes are no longer being granted by the venerable Dreaming Tree. So she embarks on a journey across Ionia, carrying a supernatural branch with her in the expectation of uncovering people’s unfulfilled ambitions. Only then will Lillia be able to flourish as an individual and assist others in overcoming their fears and discovering the glitter that lies within them.

Abilities: Spirit Blossom Lillia is conjuring a magical circle by waving the twig-like branch through the air, and the circle’s perimeter is sharp enough to cause damage to the adversary. When Lillia hits her opponents with a magic charm, she gradually builds up more Move Speed for herself. She has the ability to activate this to deal wonderful damage to enemies in the area, in addition to dealing additional true damage on the edge. When Lillia throws a seed, whoever it lands on suffers damage and their movement speed is reduced. If it doesn’t hit anything as it rolls, it will keep going until it hits a wall or the target it was aiming for. Blooming of the Spirit When Lillia hits an opponent with Dream Dust, it makes them drowsy before ultimately putting them to sleep. When those foes are roused from their sleep against their will, they will sustain additional damage. Lillia unleashes her rage by hurling a ball of poison at her foes. This knocks them out for a short period of time and gives Lillia a window of opportunity to launch additional assaults. An extremely powerful attack that is only used once and consists of a series of other attacks, including first sending a toxic ball, then sending a sharp edgy circle and bombardment, and finally, but certainly not least, striking in the middle of the opponent.

The Spirit Blossom Lillia skin can be obtained by making a direct purchase from the League of Legends game store for a total cost of 1350 Riot Points (or $10). On the public beta location server, you are free to try out this skin whenever the mood strikes you. After connecting to the PBE server, you will be able to buy and try out any skin that is currently available in the game.

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