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Spirit Blossom Riven (The Exile)

An old tale from Ionia, it is told that during the Spirit Blossom festival, the door for spirits is opened, the dead come back to life, and the living and the dead form new bonds. This is where their story of adventures begins. A wandering spirit that is on the hunt for the shattered pieces of her warrior blade that Riven misplaced during a conflict that occurred thousands of years ago. Now that she is in the afterlife, she is under the influence of a malevolent spirit who is directing Spirit Blossom Riven.

She was a sword master in the war hosts of Noxus, but now she lives as an immigrant in a country that she once worked hard to conquer. She climbed up the ranks thanks to the strength of her self-assurance and the vicious efficiency she displayed, and as a reward, she was given a famous runic blade and a warband of her own. Riven’s faith in her homeland, however, was put to the test and ultimately shattered by events that transpired on the Ionian front. After severing all ties to the empire, Spirit Blossom Riven is now looking for a place for herself in a world that has been ravaged by war, even though there are persistent rumors that Noxus itself has been reforged.

Abilities: With a single instant charge, her sword becomes sharper and contributes to the damage dealt to the adversary. Energetic Riven deals three separate blows to her foes in rapid succession in order to activate herself in a short amount of time. This is her best action for dealing a timely and unexpected surprise hit to more than one foe, and it is also a very spontaneous move. Riven protects her by erecting a shield around her, which can withstand any kind of assault. Riven prepares her blade for a highly charged blow, which she then delivers to the enemy in order to reduce their health.

In order to acquire a Spirit Blossom Riven, you will need to pay a price that ranges from 975 to 1,350 Riot points. You can use Riot points to make a direct purchase of it from within the game’s store. Orange essence can also be used to unlock this item for you to obtain it. You can purchase this skin for the price of ten dollars from any of the game stores. This skin is available on GPT (Get-Paid-To) websites such as Freeskins.com, where you can download it for free. Simply by completing simple tasks and surveys, users can earn free gift cards that can be used to purchase skin.

Worth Buying: If you connect to the PBE server, you will have the option to either purchase Spirit Blossom Riven or test out any other skin in the game. After gaining access to the PBE server, you will be able to buy and try out any skin that is available in the game. Read up on the PBE server if you’re interested in finding out more information about it.

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