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Spirit Blossom Thresh (The Chain Warden)

Thresh is a spirit who dwells in the Shadow Isles and is very determined and impatient. He was once the keeper of a great number of mysterious secrets; however, he was undone by a power that was greater than life or death, and he now makes a living by destroying and breaking others with a slow and unbearably inventive inventiveness. Because of the agony that Thresh inflicts on his victims and the fact that he locks them away in his unholy lamp, they will continue to suffer long after they have shed their mortal coils. Even though the Chain Warden has been labeled as undead, he certainly seems to be very much alive while clad in his legendary skin. Riot has never before added a human skin to the Champion, so the company decided to start with Spirit Blossom Thresh. The revamped appearance of Spirit Blossom Thresh unquestionably provides a tremendous amount of excitement for the players.

Thresh is wearing a traditional hakama and is tying massive ropes around his waist in place of an obi sash. The central portion of his obi has a design that resembles an updated take on the traditional mask. His soul lantern was transformed into a strange, purple head-familiar that was fastened together with a string of paper charms. The appearance of Spirit Blossom Thresh, in general, is that of a human Yokai, and it brings to mind the anime character Inuyasha. The lo-fi sound from his champion dance, which plays in the background while his oil lamp does all of the dancing, plays in the background. Thresh begins the game in his purple devil form, but in order to transform into his human form, he must first collect 45 souls and then use his essential ability.


Blooming of the Spirit Thresh has the ability to grant himself permanent Armor and Ability Power by chopping the spirits of enemies that die in close proximity to him. Thresh binds an adversary with chains and draws them closer to himself in order to attack. When this ability is used for a second time, it draws Thresh closer to the adversary. The oil lamp that protects nearby allies from being destroyed is thrown by Thresh. The lamp can be clicked by adversaries to tear Thresh apart. The hits that Thresh deals end up doing more damage to the adversaries. When Thresh throws his chain, all of his foes that are in the path of the blow are caught in its path.

Where can I purchase this skin?

The Spirit Blossom Thresh can be obtained in a variety of different ways. It is available for direct purchase from the League of Legends game store at a price of 1820 RP, which is equivalent to approximately $15. You have the option to reroll three skin shards in order to increase your chances of obtaining permanent unlock.

Is It Worth Purchasing?

Purchasing Legends skins is a clear indication of how much patience you have for the game and how much it means to you. The purchase of skins contributes to the continued operation of the games smoothly. On the public beta location server, you are free to try out Spirit Blossom Thresh whenever the mood strikes you. After gaining access to the PBE server, you will be able to buy and try out any skin that is available in the game.

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