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Star Guardian Rakan

Most of the league of legends’ skins are only obtuse which means that they do deliver a nice aesthetical punch but these fail to tell a story behind their development and why these are here today with the game. But that is not the case with Star Guardian Rakan, now there is a skin with a rich past, an entangled love story that ended up in tragedy but was given a chance to turn the tables around many years later.

Introduction to Star Guardian Rakan

The Star Guardian Rakan is an incredible skin not because of what he can do in the arenas, what kind of special powers he has, and all that stuff but a romantic tale that he has that ended up in deceit. He and her lover Xayah lost the battle against Zoe and were then destroyed completely. But after a few years ago the game has decided to resurrect both and now you can find Star Guardian Rakan among the league of legend skin that you can equip.

After being resurrected his heart quickly turned against the allies and since then he has been trying to plot a perfect range and even the scales as these were done wrong many years ago when his allies turned his back on him and his heartfelt love and left them wailing in all that misery of deceit and heartbreak. He cares deeply for Xayah and can be seen tethering with her on more than one occasion, even after experiencing such a drastic tragedy his heart is still beaming with love and affection for his star guardian lover.

Where to buy it?

The Star Guardian Rakan is an epic skin which means that you can buy it directly from the league of the legends shop and as for the upgrades that too can be perfumed directly from the shop as well.

Why should you buy it in 2022?

The very reason why you should go ahead and buy Star Guardian Rakan is that he has some great tactics and strategies that can pay out beautifully for you in the arena. He has already had his fair share of deceit and this time around he doesn’t want to experience the same feelings twice that is why he is extremely careful when tackling his enemies and scoring a decent victory for the whole team.

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