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Star Guardian Soraka Prestige Edition

Not every battle requires you to turn into an offensive catapult that is just raging on its enemies, trying to run them over to have a victory on their hands. Sometimes it is compassion and the acts of healing that go a long way. The same is true for the ultimate league of legends skin Star Guardian Soraka Prestige Edition. If you want to unravel the potential of compassion and how it goes a long way even when you are playing a multiplayer game such as League of Legends then this skin is the way to go.


She has fought hard and bravely for the sake of enlightening the life of others, she has sacrificed time and again to save the people from the dangers of being a star guardian in the first place. She is a healer with her hands, her eyes, and her gaze, and every aspect of her is filled with compassion and kindness. But it is her heart that shines the brightest among everything else. Star Guardian Soraka Prestige Edition can help in the healing of your troops as the legend entails even a gentle touch of her can heal the mightiest of scars and cuts.
She can also serve as a compassionate negotiator between two very tight groups that are just not coming to terms with each other over a dispute, she can get you a better deal as incredible is her convincing power for she speaks very gently even to the most tenacious enemies.

Where you can buy it in 2022?

This is an epic skin which means that you can buy it right from the League of the Legends shop whenever you want as there is hardly any availability issue for this skin but it is cheaper to consider buying it around the holiday season as the prices are slashed out pretty thinly.

Should you buy it?

If you want to dive into the aesthetical offering that Star Guardian Soraka Prestige Edition has and the gentle and amazing aspects of her personality tempt you then of course you should go on and buy this skin right now.

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