Level 30 League of Legends Accounts for Sale

League of Legends is all about improving your skill and climbing up the ranks. However, the higher up you go, the heavier the pressure is to compete. Whether you want to experience that feeling or avoid it, SmurfMania has you covered. We provide League of Legends smurf accounts in different ranks. Each LoL account is hand-leveled to 30 in NA and other regions, so you don’t have to worry about getting banned.

A Wide Variety of Ranks

Looking for an account that gets you to the top of the ladder the fastest? Or are you interested in a lower elo one to use with your newbie friends? We’ve got just the one for you. Our team creates and levels accounts to different ranks, from unranked all the way to Challenger. All you have to worry about is choosing one that matches your or your group’s skill level.

Accounts in Different Regions

SmurfMania can help you, whether you want to get an account in your nearest server or experience playing in another region. Apart from ranks, the level 30 League of Legends accounts we sell span multiple regions. We mainly create and level ones in North America and European Union servers. But we also sell a variety of accounts from Latin America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and more.

Bulk Accounts

A large volume of accounts is often needed when professional teams visit and train in another country. You have to buy one for each of your starting five, for a few for your subs, and some for your coaching staff. We have bundles of Diamond to Challenger-ready accounts for your squad. Our team offers profiles from a variety of servers, too, so you’re ready to take on the best players in every region.

Rare Skins

If you want to show off you’re expertise and dedication to your favorite champion, you need to have their best skin. However, their greatest cosmetic items are often the rarest as well, like the Victorious series skins that are gained in specific seasons or PAX series skins that only appear during specific events. Plus, there are also the Hextech cosmetics that take an immense amount of time and effort to get.

Whichever skin your heart desires, our accounts have it here at SmurfMania. And because each account we provide is already hand-leveled to 30, you can go straight into battle with your decked-out champion.

Get Self-Leveled LoL Accounts for the Best Price

SmurfMania offers a wide variety of level 30 League of Legends accounts for sale. We provide ones in different ranks, from unranked and Iron to Challenger. Our team also creates and levels bulk accounts in various regions. All of our accounts are hand-leveled, so you’re guaranteed to be safe from the ban hammer.

Send us a direct message on Discord or head over to our store to get your smurf account today.