League of legends is unlike any other multiplayer game out there. It is fun, relevant and above all keep rolling out fresh content for the players to have a feel around. New things such as maps, challenges, fun activities, weaponry items, and skins are being added into the mix continuously. Talking about skins, there are plenty of these, some can be purchased right from the league of legend store while others can’t be and therefore are a rare find. Superfan Gragas is one of these.

Introduction to Superfan Gragas

As the name implies Superfan Gragas is definitely holding the fort being a huge supporter of something, but what? Well, to state the obvious by his aesthetical looks and all that body paint Superfan Gragas is a football lover and is an order united fan, a football club within the league of legends. It is now available in a newer model, new texture, new animations, and improved visual effects with appropriate sound coming off during the gameplay where applicable given the skin’s theme.
He is a football fan and you could sense it a mile away even in the game as he would be leading chants, have all this blue paint on his body so everyone can know his business and the large barrel of fizzy drink that he carries on himself comes in handy for hydrating the fans and players around him.

Instead of just having a lot of players, the notion of a football enthusiast is a wonderful way to add some diversity to the subject. Unfortunately, the implementation focuses on a fan’s worse side: untidiness and drinking. Even if a healthy amount of humour could be desirable, the skin instead reveals it in its natural condition. The figure is polished and has a degree of stylization, such as the hairstyle. Regardless, the end product is unappealing and abrasive. In the end, it’s not a bad skin because it’s technically accurate and has a solid concept. Unfortunately, the execution lacks a compelling or even charismatic appearance.

How you can get this skin?

Unlike many other league of legends skins that are available for you to buy right from the shop, you can’t do the same with Superfan Gragas as it is not available in there. This specific skin has been placed within the legacy vault and can be sometimes mystery gifted to a player. When the vault opens for limited runs only then this skin becomes available and can be purchased within the Riot store. You need to be patient because it can be sometime before the legacy vault opens and the waiting period is fairly extensive.

Is it worth buying?

You can check how the skin does by having a session with it on the public beta environment server. Select the skin and make a trial run with it to know if the features of the skin tempt you to go for the actual purchase or are you better looking for more stunning options as these are made available. Superfan Gragas is an incredible option especially for those who are more interested in the sports section of the league of legends.

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