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Who is the best League of Legends player? League of Legends is on the rise and has become one of the most played online games in the world. Millions of fans have spent endless hours fighting dragons, fighting for the nexus, and getting crushed by friends who know the game better than you. Who is the best League of Legends player? This question has been asked dozens of times through forums, discussions, and even interviews. However, after examining the history of the competitive League of Legends, we believe we figured out a way to answer this question with our recent research. 

Some of the best players in League of Legends this year are now out in the open for all to see. These top League of Legends players in 2022 may lack certain raw numbers, but their contributions to the squad can’t be undervalued.


The finest League of Legends player of 2022 is Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok, and I’d love to start with him. The best League of Legends player is without a doubt, Faker. The show’s champion, Faker, has been performing professionally since February of last year. He was crowned World Boxing Championships champion in September of that year. Since then, he’s won two more global championships and finished runner-up in 2017. As a result, he is the League of Legends player with the best international results. In Korea, he has also won eight domestic titles and a stake in the firm, securing his future.

This guy has one of the most diversified champion pools in League of Legends. He has faced 71 different champions over his career, making him difficult to target in draughts. His most fearsome foe is Leblanc, an assassin who has been banned several times. It took him till 2015 to taste defeat at the hands of Leblanc. Despite this, he still boasts an 80% winning percentage. Faker is also well-known for his Zed character.

Numerous players have briefly surpassed Faker’s position. No one, however, has come close to matching Faker’s accomplishments, and he does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

While Faker will always be considered the best player in League of Legends as long as he is active, this does not mean that other excellent players do not exist.

Permit me to present you to a few further League of Legends players for 2022…

G2 Rekkles – The Best

The accession of Martin “Rekkles” Larsson to G2 was a big boost for the European branch. Rekkles has established himself as one of the finest League of Legends players in the world by consistently surpassing his colleagues. G2 has finally found the dependable player they’ve been looking for. When his teammates have bad games, he is capable of leading his team to victory, which is exactly the type of player that every team requires. Rekkles has nearly a decade of experience and has consistently been one of the world’s top ADCs throughout his career. His most recent results indicate that he is far from through with LoL, so stay tuned for more from Rekkles.

G2 Caps – The Smartest

Rasmus “Caps” Winther has steadily raised to the top of Europe’s League of Legends player rankings. While he may not have the finest overall statistics, his worth to the group is evident, as anyone who has attended G2’s games can attest. It is said that the team’s caps symbolise its throbbing heart and spirit. Caps has his sights set on Worlds for the fourth consecutive year. Perhaps this year, he’ll be able to shed the appellation “baby Faker.”

RGE Odoamne – The Ideal Fit

It seems as if Odoamne has shown us that even seasoned LEC veterans are still capable of dominating Europe with a high level of play. Odoamne has become even more popular since his move to Rogue a few weeks ago, following a successful year on Schalke 04 last year. In terms of his character, he is incredibly versatile and consistent; he is able to be aggressive when needed or passive when needed, depending on what the team needs. In other words, that is exactly what Odoamne is all about in League of Legends. 

HLE Chovy – Outstanding Mechanical Player

Chovy Ji-hoon, known professionally as Cheong “CHovy” Ji-hoon, turns into a mechanical god on LoL and maybe one of the best players in the world when it comes to individual skills. 

Despite not having the best stats, Covy’s 18 solo kills are impressive. His playstyle is mighty aggressive, so it’s no surprise that he doesn’t have the best numbers. While HLE is a Playoff team, Chovy’s mere presence affords them the opportunity to achieve direct championship status, and that speaks volumes about his ability.



League of Legends is a game where the best players will often have very different champion pools. Despite this difference in champion pools, there are certain factors that make certain players better than others, and it’s these factors that can be boiled down to knowledge. That’s it for our League of Legends player rankings. Because I’ve spent a lot of hours doing research, spending time watching youtube videos, and even reading the blog posts, I can tell you that these players deserve all the praise.

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