Top League of Legends Champions with Interesting Lore

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When it comes to popular and exciting MOBA games, few can match the enduring appeal of League of Legends. For over a decade, players have been drawn to its diverse roster of champions, each with their own unique abilities and captivating stories. League not only offers thrilling gameplay, but also a rich lore that spans the vast world of Runeterra, where every champion leaves a mark.

In this article, we will explore some of the top League of Legends champions with intriguing lore. These champions not only possess impressive strength and skills on the battlefield, but they also have captivating stories that resonate with players. From survivors with tragic pasts to creatures driven by knowledge, their tales will captivate your imagination and draw you deeper into the world of League of Legends.


kassadin splash art

Kassadin, once a poor orphan, unexpectedly became a guide for merchant caravans. Surviving numerous predator attacks, Kassadin’s resilience and resourcefulness earned him a new role as a guide, exploring ancient ruins and leading expeditions. It was during these journeys that he earned the name “Kassadin,” meaning “whom does the desert know?” in the language of Shurima.

Settling down in rocky canyons with his wife and daughter, Kassadin’s life took a tragic turn when he returned home to find his village devastated by an otherworldly terror. His lore highlights the struggle of an individual trying to warn others about an impending threat while they remain focused on their own problems. Kassadin’s journey into the void, seeking knowledge and protection against it, is just inspiring.

Why Kassadin lore is interesting

Kassadin’s lore is reminiscent of a religious parable, where a lone figure seeks to convince others of a looming danger that could change their lives or save them. It explores the consequences of not heeding warnings and the tragedy that follows. His ventures into the void, driven by a desire to understand and protect, add depth to his character and make him an intriguing champion to follow. He resembles the heroic quests of Commander Shepard or Daredevil.


velkoz splash art

Vel’Koz is a powerful being from the Void whose arrival on Runeterra brought a level of calculated intelligence never seen before. While other Void creatures ravage and destroy, Vel’Koz is driven by a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable desire to understand the physical realm and its inhabitants. With deadly plasma attacks and the ability to disrupt reality, Vel’Koz is a formidable champion.

As one of the first Voidborn creations, Vel’Koz was tasked with observing and learning from the living, ultimately aiding in their destruction. The champion’s relentless pursuit of understanding and research is reminiscent of iconic creatures like “The Thing” or the Tyranids from Warhammer 40k. Vel’Koz’s insatiable hunger for knowledge sets him apart and makes him a compelling character.

Why Vel’Koz lore is interesting

Vel’Koz’s lore taps into our fascination with enigmatic beings driven by a singular purpose. His hunger for information, rather than food or destruction, adds a unique twist to his character. Like the creature from “The Thing“, Vel’Koz is defined by his inherent nature and is programmed to pursuit something incomprehensible. His formidable appearance further adds to his appeal, making him a champion gamers can’t help but be drawn to.


zilean splash art

Zilean, a skilled mage, has a deep fascination with manipulating time itself. Once a member of Icathia’s governing council, Zilean used his powers in a valiant attempt to save his people from the relentless grip of the Void. As a result, he exists outside the constraints of linear time, drifting through the past, present, and future, bending and warping the flow of time around him.

During his time on the governing council, Zilean witnessed the ill-fated decision of his fellow mages to harness the power of the Void. Despite his warnings, they ignored him, leading to the disastrous spread of Void magic throughout Icathia. In a desperate act, Zilean managed to save a group of people by removing them from time, freezing them in a suspended state. Now, he tirelessly journeys through time, seeking any strand of fate that might undo the destruction of his homeland.

Why Zilean lore is interesting

Zilean’s lore presents a captivating exploration of the consequences of tampering with time and the sacrifices made to protect one’s people. His consciousness exists across all moments of his existence, allowing him to relive his most tragic and happiest moments repeatedly, but always tainted by the knowledge of what comes after. This introspective and poignant aspect of his story brings to mind the iconic character of Doctor Strange from the Marvel universe, who navigates the complexities of time manipulation and must face the consequences of his actions. During Infinity War, Doctor Strange checked out 14,000,605 different possibilities. He could actually see all of them and, in a lot of those outcomes, he had to watch his friends die in different situations.


jax splash art

When it comes to League of Legends champions with fascinating stories, Jax definitely stands out. He’s known as the best weapons master in Runeterra, but what makes him truly interesting is his mysterious background. Jax is the only survivor of the Kohari, a group of champions who protected Icathia. Sadly, Icathia was destroyed by the Void, leaving Jax without a home or purpose. But here’s the cool part: Jax carries the “last light of Icathia,” a symbol of his hope to one day defeat the Void. He travels the world, searching for strong warriors who can join him in his mission. Jax is determined to rebuild the Kohari and face the impending darkness.

But I liked the old Jax lore more. He was a mysterious and skilled warrior, occasionally taking up mercenary work. Jax was widely recognized as the Grandmaster at Arms, renowned for his exceptional combat abilities and biting sarcasm. What set him apart was his remarkable proficiency with almost any weapon imaginable, yet he deliberately opted for unconventional choices, like a humble lamppost, to ensure his opponents had a fair fighting chance. His origins remained shrouded in secrecy, further enhancing his enigmatic persona.

Why Jax’s Lore is Interesting

Jax’s story is captivating for several reasons. First, his origins are mysterious. Furthermore, Jax is legendary for his skills and combat prowess. He can use any weapon with unmatched proficiency. But what sets him apart is his choice to fight with a humble lamppost, giving his opponents a fair chance. This unconventional approach shows his confidence and adds to the mystery surrounding his true power. In a way, Jax’s story reminds me of Saitama from the manga “One-Punch Man.” Like Saitama, Jax has incredible strength that seems to come out of nowhere. While Saitama’s training is often seen as a joke, the same can be said for Jax. The sheer magnitude of his abilities raises questions about their source and what lies beneath his unassuming appearance.


aatrox splash art

The captivating champion in League of Legends is Aatrox. He was once a noble Ascended warrior from Shurima, determined to fight against the Void. Aatrox’s appearance was breathtaking, with wings shining like the golden light of dawn and armor sparkling like a constellation of hope. However, the battle against the Void took a toll on Aatrox and his fellow Ascended. Though they emerged victorious, they lost a part of themselves to the Void. The once noble warriors were forever changed, and their inner turmoil led them to turn against each other. To protect Runeterra, the Targonians intervened and sealed Aatrox within his own sword. He remained trapped for centuries until a human tried to wield the sword. Aatrox managed to take control of the host’s body, but his desperation to regain his former Ascended form led him down a path of destruction and hatred.

Why Aatrox’s Lore is Interesting

Aatrox’s lore is captivating for many reasons. First and foremost, his immense power and role as the embodiment of war make him a fearsome force on the battlefield. If played skillfully, Aatrox can dominate the top lane and potentially influence the outcome of battles in the game. What makes Aatrox even more intriguing is his impact on Runeterra’s history. According to myths and tales, his presence has influenced some of the most significant wars. Though portrayed as a savior in dark times, his legacy is a world filled with ongoing conflicts and strife. This duality adds depth to his character and sparks curiosity about the consequences of his actions. Moreover, the connection between Aatrox and Tryndamere, another champion in League of Legends, adds another layer of fascination. Aatrox is said to have played a part in Tryndamere’s creation, highlighting his immense power and influence over the game’s lore.


arcane art

The world of League of Legends is a testament to the amazing creativity of the developers at Riot Games. They have created a bunch of characters with captivating stories. Recently, they released an awesome animated series called Arcane.

Arcane takes us on an exciting journey through two different cities, Piltover and Zaun. Piltover is a rich and perfect place, while Zaun is a dark and oppressive city. The tension between these cities has increased with the invention of Hextech, a technology that controls magical energy. Arcane has been incredibly popular, with over 15 million households watching the series. It has an average score of 9 on IMDB, which shows how good it is. It’s rare for the game adaptations to be so successful, so Arcane’s achievement is impressive.

What makes Arcane even more special is that it was created by writers who have been part of Riot Games for a long time. Christian ‘Praeco’ Linke, a Creative Director and Composer, and Alex ‘Skribbles’ Yee, a Creative Designer, worked hard to bring the world of Runeterra to life. They won the prestigious Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement for Writing in an Animated Television , which is a big deal.

As a fan of League of Legends, I love exploring its lore. Each story reveals new and interesting details that deepen my appreciation for the game. If you’re also into the lore of League of Legends, bookmark this article. I’ll keep uncovering fascinating champion stories to share with you in the future. Let’s go on this journey together and discover the rich stories that make League of Legends such an immersive and exciting gaming experience!