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True Damage Ekko – skin released on November 10, 2019. It shares line with skins such as:

-Trick or Treat Ekko

-Sandstorm Ekko

-SKT T1 Ekko

-Pulsefire Ekko


-Academy Ekko

True Damage Ekko – grew up on the brutal and ruthless streets, but our way of expressing ourselves has survived on them. He is a genius child who has great ability for music and creativity in general, and many young people from the streets see him as an idol. Ekko has beautiful poetry and advanced technology that make him a really cool artist. Yes, he achieved a lot and could have left his neighborhood, but True Damage Ekko stayed. Despite fame and money, he decided not to succumb to temptations and stayed at home. Everything in order to develop your area, inspire your supporters and just do good things. The visual of the champion is daring, vibrant and independent. His style fully captures the atmosphere of the wild streets. Ekko wears a stylish blue jacket and yellow sneakers and a cool sword. On it you can see a large number of accessories and various fashionable things. We have to admit that his outfit is really beautiful and all the details are perfectly combined! In turn, splash art just showcases True Damage Ekko. It’s simple, but at the same time a little foppish.

The developers also decided to update particles for all abilities, sounds and animations. VFX refers to modern design that is classy and technological. During the recall, Ekko walks along the steps created in space, which move in different planes.

This is the Boy Who Shattered Time’s newest and most costly skin option. However, we believe it is worthwhile. Ekko looks great in the attire and is a natural rapper/beatboxer. The vivid yellows, blues, and purples pop and are an excellent visual match. Before dropping a mix of color and falling for the stun, the W seems to buffer with a little circle. This skin is packed with features and it looks fantastic. Yes, the price may deter some buyers, but we believe you get what you pay for in this situation. This is our top-ranked skin for Ekko and personal favourite.

How to get True Damage Ekko in 2022?

This is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it from the play store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 1350 RP and if you love sci-fi theme or True Damage Themed skins then you should definitely buy it.

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