Urfrider Corki – skin released on April 03, 2011. He shares his line with skins such as:

-Dragonwing Corki

-Corgi Corki

-Ice Toboggan Corki

-Arcade Corki

-Red Baron Corki

-Hot Rod Corki

-Fnatic Corki

-UFO Corki

Another skin released in honor of April Fools’ Day. Urfrider Corki shows an interesting and at the same time funny concept. Corki riding a flying Urf the Manatee! Yes, and he does not just fly, but also fights on manatee. It sounds really stupid, but don’t forget the paddle that Urf holds in its fin. Perhaps hundreds of enemies fell from her indestructible power. Splash art, however, looks rather gloomy. The gray sky and the bursts of shells in the air, it seems Urfrider Corki is in the thick of the air battle. His face, as well as the muzzle of Urf the Manatee express rage and it no longer looks so funny. Corki is wearing his standard green clothing, red scarf and helmet. Urfrider Corki fires a large Gatling machine gun, which is mounted on the back of Urf. Also, missiles with shark muzzles painted on the sides hang, which makes this skin quite formidable. Do not forget about the paddle, it is in fact a formidable weapon.

Besides a fun model for Urfrider Corki with an interesting idea, Riot made new particles and animations for him. So, Urf amusingly moves the fins and even throws his paddle at the enemy. New particles have been added for critical hits, as well as Missile Barrage abilities. Still, it is worth mentioning the sound for gatling that can be heard during an auto-attack, and the sounds of grunts for Urf. He is always unhappy like Urfrider Corki!

How to get Urfrider Corki in 2022?

It is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is only 975 RP and if you like April Fools skins or Urf themed skins, then this skin is definitely worth buying.

Urf Rider Corki is a gimmick skin that performs better than most thanks to a few additions that compensate for sloppy execution. That is, Corki is a pure and unadulterated version of Classic Corki. Even if Corki’s model was fully completed, as it isn’t frequently seen in its whole, the stated truth remains unchanged. As is customary, the mount not only performs all the work but also takes all the credit. Urf Rider Corki is a wonderful skin purely due of Urf, so if you’re looking for a stupid but entertaining manatee to ride, this is the skin for you.

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