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VSR Prestige Edition is as you guessed the elite and premium version of Valiant Sword Riven. This skin cannot be obtained in the traditional way of RP, rather it is obtainable via the hextech crafting system. VSR Prestige Edition is a mythical skin making it a bit tough to obtain. The skin was released on September 26, 2019, so it is fairly recent in terms of League of Legends skins. 

Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition in detail

VSR Prestige Edition changes quite a lot from the original VSR. For one VSR Prestige Edition has white-ish hair as opposed to black hair. VSR Prestige Edition looks quite different from its original counterpart although there are some noticeable similarities. VSR Prestige edition’s design is more angelic and prestigious compared to normal VSR. The most noticeable and obvious change however is the animations and particles. These elements are vastly different from the normal Valiant Sword Riven, which is interesting to note. 

Is Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition a good skin?

Prestige editions usually just feel like a premium version of an already existing skin, but VSR Prestige Edition is the exception because the design and distinctiveness make this skin feel very different from its original counterpart thus making it potentially worth it. Obtaining this skin may prove to be a bit challenging, but it can be done by re-rolling, hextech crafting, or drops. Overall I am definetly a fan of this skin as it does a lot right, and for a prestige skin, it’s quite good. 


I usually have mixed feelings about prestige skins, but this is definetly a prestige skin worth buying as it changes so many aspects from VSR that they almost feel like two entirely different designed skins. VSR prestige edition feels like the well-needed overhaul that the original VSR needed. This skin is definetly a huge improvement over the disappointing VSR, the differences are so mind-blowing, and clearly tell which one is the better skin. Overall this skin is incredible and I highly recommend you check it out if your a Riven fan/main. 

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