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Victorious Elise is an extremely rare skin that is not available in League of Legends.

How to get Victorious Elise in 2022?

Distribution of this skin took place only once in history, at the end of the 3rd season of Ranked competition. It was received by players who were at Gold level or higher, which makes this skin on Elise a truly legendary part of the League of Legends story.

This is yet another skin that was only made available to the people or players who took part in the 2013 season and were able to reach the Gold level or higher. She is not a princess but all her habits and statements beg to differ. She is always concise and focused on blowing her enemies right off from the face of the earth. Don’t get all sentimental when you see that Elise is down and approach to help her, because first, she doesn’t accept help from anyone and if you were ever down she won’t return your kindness with the same gesture, always think that.

When did Victorious Elise came out?

As we said above, players received the skin only once in history – 12/20/2013, after that the skin was never again and will not be available, either as a code or in the official Riot Games store.

The Elise model has been modified, Victorious armor with silver and gold has been added, this stylistically combines the entire Victorious line. The Spider Queen now has a more regal appearance and that’s great! Her body is fully clad in solid armor that provides excellent protection. Yes, its appearance has become more practical, without any frills, except for a large amount of gold. Precious inserts cover most of the armor and exalt Elise. The spider version as a whole looks the same way, except for one detail. The blue crystal not only adorns her, but literally is her belly. New animations were also added for both the Elise shape and the spider shape, however, no new sound effects were added by Riot.

Currently, this legendary skin is not available in League of Legends and will never be available, since it was a seasonal award many years ago, which makes it a huge rarity and every day it only grows. New Victorious skins are issued at the end of each season to players with a Gold rank and higher, although this is not for everyone under the situation, we recommend holding Gold, because it’s worth it, I assure you!

Some series of skins were only made for the purpose of reward or bonus, not for purchasing. Players can get this skin in only one case if they pass the season 3rd of this game League of Legends In order to get this awesome skin, all we have to do is to buy an old account that already has this skin. Mostly, people sell their old accounts on eBay. This skin contains armor made up of steel that protects her from the attacks of her enemies. Two more shapes were added to this skin. Victorious Elise skin was also the rarest skin in the history of this game.

If you really want to get Victorious Elise, at the moment there is only one possibility left to do this – buy an account that already has one. The account that received this skin back in 2013 for achievements in the Ranked Matchmaking League of Legends.

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