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Victorious Janna is one of the rarest skins in League of Legends, this skin is no longer available and has never been sold in the official Riot Games store.

How Rare is Victorious Janna?
At the end of the 2nd ranked season of 2012, players who earned a Gold rank or higher at the end of the season. This skin on Janna is one of a set of Victorious for the strongest players ranked.As we have already noted, this skin has never been and will not be available in the store, because it was issued immediately to accounts whose rating was high enough to receive the Victorious award. This skin can no longer be obtained if you have a new account.Janna is presented in armor with gold trim, which distinguishes Victorious skins, since they all have similar recognizable elements.

Victorious Janna is not like you regularly go to league of legends warrior who appears to be naive at first but only when the enemies collect the courage to approach them do they get to see their deadly side.
She is always angry and flashing her crystalline staff is always hunting for her next prey. She uses the staff to blow her enemies away with a single contracted beam of energy focused directly at the hearts of her enemies and even if she misses her mark the next blow doesn’t fail her at all and it hits the target perfectly.

How to get Victorious Janna in 2022?
Due to the fact that Vic Janna was a seasonal reward, there is no hope that this skin will ever be available to beginners in the game, however, new Victorious skins are issued at the end of each season to players who have reached the Gold rating and higher. She looks like the most real warrior-magician, without any exaggeration. Her image is almost completely rational and fits perfectly with her character. The main element of Janna’s clothing is her armor covering her torso, arms and legs, not completely of course. The hairstyle is gathered in a ponytail, probably also for reasons of practicality. The Battle Staff is a beautiful element that sets this skin apart. Yes, it’s just a staff, but the giant blue crystal on the top of the catfish looks majestic.

This skin was also made for the strongest and most skilled full players. It was not made by the mean of price but as a reward for ranking up in season 2. Unfortunately, this skin is unavailable in the store. So, we can’t purchase this skin as we do others. This skin tells the story of a player how who manage to get this legendary skin. After a lot of hard work players should need an award to encourage their relationship with the game. This skin was so rare that only those players were able to get this who ranked up in season 2 and the rest of the players still miss this beautiful eye-catchy skin.

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