Victorious Jarvan IV is the first award from Riot for the successful completion of the ranked season.

The skin, released on August 23, 2011, was never and will not be available in the official Riot Games store, it was a gift for the successful completion of the first rating season in 2011. He began the Victorious era in League of Legends, since then every successful season players have received an award in the form of a new Victorious skin. To get the Victorious Jarvan IV, players needed to have a Gold rating or higher, and since this is not the easiest level of the game, few were able to receive this honorable award, which makes the skin truly legendary and historical.

Today there is a whole set of Victorious Skins: Jarvan IV himself, Victorious Janna (season 2), Victorious Elise (season 3), Victorious Morgana (season 4), Victorious Sivir (season 5), Victorious Maokai (season 6), Victorious Graves (season 7), Victorious Orianna (Season 8)

Jarvan is presented in silver knightly armor with gold tones, there are no new animations, which is typical for skins of that era, because these are one of the very first of its kind. He looks like a great king successfully leading his people into the future. We can say that he is flawless in everything! His robes are a mixture of the monarch’s exalted robes and battle armor. The head is adorned with a majestic tiara, very elegant, and it seems that there are features of something elven in it. But the main thing is a giant-sized spear. It is not hard to imagine how Jarvan destroys with the help of it incredibly strong and powerful enemies. It seems this weapon can penetrate any armor in the world! Recall that Victorious Jarvan IV is the first skin of its kind, making it the rarest of its kind.

According to the high win rate and low loss rate of Victorious Jarvan, this skin is worth buying. In addition to this, there are four abilities of Victorious Jarvan which make it powerful. One of them is the Demarien Standard which places a flag and then makes the enemy weak and then suddenly dashes towards the enemy for severe damage. After the progression in the match, it uses a Dragon strike which creates extension in the sword to reach the target to damage the target heavily. Furthermore, Gold Aegis creates a temporary protection layer for preventing it from the enemies to save its health for victory. In the end, Martial Cadence and Cataclysm help to attack the enemy with its sword. Cataclysm surrounds the area of the target and hits it multiple times for maximum damage.

Now, this is a skin that has a bit of its own history and it was awarded to the people who reached the Gold or higher rank back in the 2011 season. It is still not available freely so people can download it or equip it from the league of legends store or something like this. People to whom this skin was awarded back in the day are the only people who get to keep it and use it. Jarvan can be seen from all those hills away shining in his silver armor and his pointy spear erected towards the enemies as it will pierce through them. The only thing the enemies of Victorious Jarvan see before giving in is the edge of his spear reaching directly for their hearts.

How to Get Victorious Jarvan IV in 2022?

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