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Viego Story League of Legends League of Legends added the Ruined King, Viego, in patch 11.2. Viego was probably one of the most anticipated champions when he joined, and with good reason.

As portrayed in League of Legends, Viego story deserves special attention. Unlike his father’s younger brother Vladimir, Viego was not the eldest child in the family, but he was the second son.

He lived a life of selfishness and luxury. But when his brother died in a tragic accident, he was left with taking over the reins, something he did not enjoy. Selfish and self-centered, he hates to admit it. 

The poor seamstress Isolde changed his mind after he met her. On one fateful day, Viego held her deeply in his heart until she tragically died while trying to save him.

When Viego found out about the Blessed Isles, he was enraged and depressed and tried everything he could to bring Isolde back. Viego raided the inner sanctum despite being warned that the waters only work on the living.

It was an attempt by Viego to bring his wife back from the dead. During this brief moment, an apparition of Isolde rose and stabbed him with his blade in the heart. As a result, League of Legends experienced massive disruption when Ruination unfolded. It is why Viego is crazy.


Viego stands out with pale skin and white hair. Black Mist erupts from his chest. He wears black leather pants and a jacket with light armor and no shirt. A spectral Zweihänder bearing the Camavor crest adorns his belt. 

In addition to armor made from Black Mist, Viego can also summon armor made from the white mist. He had a tan complexion and brown hair in real life. 

He wore a blue leather jacket, a gold-embellished undershirt, and a black pauldron and gauntlets. His pants were brown, and his boots black. Gold and jewels embellished his Zweihänder.


We can tell not only about Viego Story. Despite being passionate and arrogant, Viego was a man with a lot of passion. His wife Isolde was his pride and joy, and he adored her dearly. He neglected his responsibilities due to his devotion to his wife, which caused him to be disinterested in ruling their kingdom. 

As a perfectionist, he set very high standards for his queen and would scold her when she failed to meet those standards. Viego’s obsession with keeping Isolde alive led him to use all of the kingdom’s resources to keep her alive after she was poisoned. 

To bring the queen back, he slaughtered thousands and defied death itself. To revive his queen, he was willing to plunge the world into darkness centuries later.


Expert Swordsman: Viego has learned swordplay from the best fighters in Camavor.

Black Mist Mastery: Viego has control over the Black Mist due to the Ruination source. Viego became capable of flying with the aid of the Black Mist in Ruined King.

Mind Control: Viego can control and possess our enemies through the Black Mist. He can also use this power to possess plants. Shyvana, Draven, and Karma are notable victims. Viego uses the Black Mist to restore himself.

Shadow Travel: The Black Mist allows Viego to travel at incredible speeds. In the case of interruption of the Black Mist, he cannot travel.

Black Mist Creation: Viego’s triangle-shaped wound in his chest perpetually generates Black Mist. With the Black Mist, Viego can revive the dead. Pantheon and Isolde are notable examples.

Mistwalker Control: Francisco possesses the ability to create and control Mistwalker’s.

Enhanced Strength: A single strike from Viego could collapse buildings and could rival the strength of Pantheon. 

Undead Body: There are no obvious physical limitations that a living being would have, such as the need for rest or nourishment. There is no difference in this character’s appearance between now and centuries ago.

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