Vizer Malzahar has become the iconic skin for Malzahar. This is one of the few classic skins in the game making it a collector’s item. This skin was released 10 years ago on May 31, 2010, and it cost 520 RP at the time which is insane value in modern-day League of Legends standards. When the skin first released it didn’t change much aside from the textures. The noticeable change was that Malzahar is now dressed up as an evil magical advisor which is pretty cool.

Vizer Malzahar in detail

As mentioned in the introduction, Vizer Malzahar’s main premise is that he is now dressed up as an evil magical advisor. Some say that he looks more like a Ninja or a rouge, but that is still debatable to this day. The unfortunate news for this skin is the fact that it is now a legacy skin. This means that obtaining Vizer Malzahar will be significantly harder than before because legacy skins only show up in a given time period. If your patient, however, you may be lucky enough to get your hands on this skin.

If the ever-present red tint is any clue, the backdrop depicts structures built on red rock beside a putative volcano. Unlike the surrounding voidling, there’s a weird blue orb floating in the centre that isn’t drenched in red light; this is misleading because they remain blue in-game. The scene is replicated to Malzahar’s right. Malzahar is well-drawn, but the proportions aren’t quite right. His legs and body are large and broad, whereas his arms are small and stubby. Even yet, the flowing clothing give him panache, and the colouring is accurate. Vizier Malzahar is a re-texture with a re-color vibe. While there are additional features on exhibit, such as the metal bracelets or the exposed hair under the little cap, the main color scheme is red and black.

Is Vizer Malzahar worth it?

Vizer Malzahar doesn’t really change much from Malzahar, rather it serves more like a fun little collectible skin. Old League of Legends skins generally didn’t come with a lot of “cutting-edge” features like the modern-day League of Legends skins, so don’t be disappointed if this skin isn’t that masterpiece skin you were looking for.


I personally think Vizer Malzahar is a unique little throwback to the good old days of League of Legends. Sure the skin doesn’t really change much from Malzahar, and the design looks kind of bland, but I still think that this is a really cool throwback retro skin that should be remembered by the community. Overall while this skin isn’t the best skin out there in the world, it does its job at providing us something new, and for that, I think this skin is fairly decent.

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