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Void Bringer Illaoi is one of the few skins available for Illaoi. The skin was released on November 24, 2015, and cost 1350 RP in the store. In a way, you could picture this skin as the void/evil version of Illaoi. The story with void skins usually goes as the champion enters a void and suddenly becomes corrupt. Fun fact aside this skin looks pretty cool, but I personally like the other Void skins better.

Void Bringer Illaoi in detail

Void Bringer Illaoi has a dark and sinister vibe to it just like most of the Void skins in the Void skin roster. Like mentioned before I definetly prefer the other Void skins over this one simply because the design is more creative on those, still though this skin does its job pretty nicely and creates a “scary vibe” for Illaoi. Void Bringer Illaoi overall looks quite intimidating and fierce, and in general, it looks pretty cool.

Although Void Bringer Illaoi’s marine style may not be instantly identified as Void, the expressive physiognomy successfully conveys this fact. The most noticeable elements are the tentacles as hair and the skin color, but the armour also has a shell pattern that suits the motif. The eye on her forehead appears to be decorative rather than having the same meaning as in the splash picture. As a shell to a delicate yet lethal organism, the idol resembles a living thing with tentacles occasionally emerging from it. The similar tones, on the other hand, have the dual effect of making it look like it belongs to her body while simultaneously standing out as unusual.

Is Void Bringer Illaoi worth it?

You definetly get a lot out of this skin, like new particles, animations, SFX, and much more, but if your not a fan of Illaoi, or you main someone different, consider the other Void skins as they are all pretty good skins in my opinion. The new features this skin comes with definetly make this skin worth it in my eyes. The price of 1350 RP is to be expected considering it’s an epic skin. Overall I’d say this skin is pretty good, but I know it may not be for everyone, so choose wisely before purchasing this skin.


Overall I personally enjoy this skin a lot and think it’s quite underrated in my opinion. Void skins are definetly some of the coolest skins in all of League of Legends, so I would highly recommend checking them out as they have really good designs, and are fun to collect. If you are still not sure as to whether or not this skin is worth it, then you can check the PBE to find out if this is the right skin for you.

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