Warden Gargas is the newest Warden skin as of May 2021. The skin itself cost around 1350 RP approximately, which is your average price for your modern-day League of Legends skin. In my opinion, this skin is decent, but I feel the “Warden” theme of skins is getting a bit old at this point. Still, though Warden in my opinion does look quite good on certain champions, so I do think Riot should keep the Warden skins, but limit them as well so the store isn’t oversaturated with tons of Warden skins.

Warden Gargas in detail

Warden Gargas gives a massive overhaul to the champion Gargas, it makes it look like an epic beast ready for combat. I personally think that this skin looks great in combat, and It is definetly fun to use when playing matches. Despite the over-abundance of Warden skins, this skin doesn’t just feel like another generic clone of the warden skins, it actually feels unique. The really nice thing about this skin is the fact that it makes the champion Gargas look epic and fierce.

This is one of only two Gragas skins with a higher price tag. It’s unrivalled in terms of animations. When you use your E, it gives you little wings, which was a pleasant surprise. Plus, the Q is stunning, the ult is smooth, and your W makes you feel immensely strong. But here’s where I’m having a little trouble. This mighty god was modelled after in the character model. That is supported by the majority of your animations. But when you give this model small wings, I’m not sure if it’s badass or silly. In addition, the trimmed voice-over is a little off-putting. It’s a stunning complexion. But, all things considered, I can’t say it’s my ultimate favourite.

Is Warden Garga worth it?

It really depends. This skin has a lot of great features don’t get me wrong, but the 1350 RP price might annoy some players. Not only that, but the community, in general, is getting tired of the over-abundance of Warden skins, so that may be another con depending upon how you look at it. Still, though there is not denying the epic and awesome design that this skin has, so if your looking for a massive overhaul on the champion Garga, then this skin is for you.


Overall Warden Garga is definetly one of the better Warden skins simply due to its pretty good design. The high price, and the over-saturation of Warden skins, however, definetly set this skin back a little bit. Thankfully this skin isn’t all bad as it definetly makes up for its cons, by giving us some cool features. In retrospect, however, the value of this skin is up to you.

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