Warden Karma is yet another Warden skin among the Warden skin series. Released on 2015, this skin packs quite a punch with its enchanting and awesome design. This skin has a lot of new features & mechanics that make it a great skin choice for karma mains. There is a lot to unfold with this skin so sit back grab some popcorn and I will tell you all the new things that this skin has to offer.

Warden Karma in detail

Warden Karma changes quite a lot of things from the original Karma. For one Warden Karma has entirely new animations, giving a twist to the normal Karma skin. Another really cool feature is the awesome new recall SFX that Warden Karma receives, although it is quite minor, it’s still a nice feature nonetheless. What I really like about this skin is the sheer amount of new features that this skin receives, and for 750 RP that is very good.

Warden Karma portrays the notion of a battlemage by wearing a complete suit of armour. The raptor pattern, which can be seen on her Mantle of Decorum, lends the armour some individuality, as it is otherwise rather plain. The plates appear to be solid and utilitarian, with a reasonable and appealing design. However, the armour only manages to be fascinating in the top section. Except for a pair of well-thought-out high-heeled boots that are appropriate for the battlefield, it feels generic and uninteresting otherwise. Though it appears to resemble Marauder Ashe’s style, the open helmet is likewise a problematic option. Besides, it looks nice, therefore it’s an excellent pick for a fantasy sorceress.

Is Warden Karma worth it?

In my opinion, I personally think that Warden Karma is definetly worth it, because of the sheer amount of quality features, and cool stuff this skin comes with. While yes many could argue it’s just another cheap Warden skin, “nothing new”, for the price of 750 RP, you get so many quality features, that it is hard to pass up on.


This skin is fantastic, I personally love the Warden-skin theme because wardens, in general, look very aesthetically pleasing, and awesome. Sure some may disagree with this, but there’s no denying the incredible value you get from purchasing this skin. Most modern skins cost around 975 RP – 1350 RP and some of the time they offer mediocre content, but this skin does the exact opposite and provides a ton of content for the price you pay. Price aside the design is also quite phenomenal so I would highly recommend purchasing this skin.

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