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World Breaker Nautilus is the intense version of Nautilus, basically like the Nautilus 2.0 in a way. The skin itself is available in the store for 750 RP, if you have some leftover RP, consider this one of your options if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive skin.

Being released in the fall of 2016, it is a fairly old skin in the Nautilus skin family. This skin pushes the champion beyond a simple costume change, with much more immersive qualities, new textures, and a new splash image. All of these qualities help World Breaker Nautilus become more than just the simple costume change.

World Breaker Nautilis in detail

In the original legend, the Bearded Lady transforms Nautilus into a Titan of the Depths who will do her bidding. Worldbreaker Nautilus, on the other hand, combines Greek and Norse mythology to cast Nautilus in the role of a predicted Titan who would arrive at the end of the world. Because the skin is very cheap to obtain, it is the most popular and often seen Nautilus skin on the Rift. Nautilus is a support champion in League of Legends, yet his backstory screams top lane. As a result, and because support champions and the support position are viewed as weak and fragile, Nautilus compensates for this shortfall with his skins.

It is such a unique skin, the new textures really help it feel more immersive and cool-looking, and although there aren’t any significant changes to Nautilis, at least it’s better than a generic costume change.

This skin is very easy to obtain, and it’s directly sold at the shop, meaning you don’t have to struggle with the hassle of waiting for legacy vaults or saving hordes of RP to buy him. Therefore it is incredibly easy to obtain this skin, so you shouldn’t have to worry about complex and tedious methods.

Is World Breaker Nautilis worth it?

World Breaker Nautilis is far from perfect, in fact, it has some noticeable flaws, for one the lack of change from the original champion, makes this skin feel the same. The interesting thing to note here however is World Breaker Nautilis is like the 2.0 version of Nautilis the champion, so in a way, you could say this skin is the “upgraded” version of Nautilis. Overall use should use your own opinion to interpret this, and figure out if this skin is worth your time or not. For the price, you get a lot of great features, and much more than a simple costume change, but on the flip side you aren’t really getting any “premium” features with this skin, but at least the texture changes help make this skin feel much more immersive.


In conclusion, World Breaker Nautilis is a solid choice for the champion Nautilis, especially if your quite fond of using him, then I think this is a great choice, because it’s inexpensive, and it looks quite cool; although if this isn’t your cup of tea, fear not, because there are many other Nautilis skins available to choose from, and since League of Legends is a vast, and complex game with generations of skins, and past events, it should be easy to find one that fits your needs as a Nautilis main/Nautilis fan. Overall World Breaker Nautilis is a very cool and is a very affordable skin for Nautilis the champion. I think that this skin is pretty good, but far from perfect, it has some goods, but also some negatives, overall it’s a good skin, but at the end of the day, you should use your own opinion to determine if this skin is worth your time or not.

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