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RuneScape – one of the oldest MMO among the living. She is as old as Anarchy Online and Dark Age of Camelot, and a little less than EverQuest and Ultima Online. But these games have long ceased to develop: there are no new players, the old ones do not come in often, and the developers have abandoned their support. RuneScape does not just keep afloat, but strives forward. Veterans, even if they do not play, remember the game with warmth. And for newbies here, too, not bad – RuneScape recently received a giant update and, in addition to everything else, switched to a powerful engine written in trendy HTML5.

In 2013, after voting and collecting nearly half a million votes, servers with the version of RuneScape of August 2007 were launched. Soon the servers were launched and sometimes even updated. Alas, only subscribers can nostalgic yet. That is why many game fans are looking for where to buy a RuneScape account.

The site SmurfMania presents a lot of game accounts to which you can access after payment.

Some experienced players purposely create and upgrade their accounts so that they can be sold later and thus earn. At the same time, such accounts are often distinguished by excellent statistics with which you can be taken into a good clan.

The problem is how the seller finds a decent buyer, and the buyer is an honest seller, so that no one deceives anyone. And then SmurfMania comes to the rescue. Buying Runescape has never been a simpler process.

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