League of Legends Silver Account for Sale

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Start from Silver with a Hand-Leveled Account

SmurfMania provides League of Legends accounts in every rank. Here are the benefits of buying a Silver-ranked LoL account.

  • No Need to Grind Levels – You don’t have to grind to level 30 just to climb the ladder. We’ve already done it for you! We’ve also completed ranked placements to get your account to silver.
  • Enjoy with Lower Elo Friends – A Silver League account is also great if you’re a Diamond and above player who wants to play with their low elo friends. And if you just want to crush noobs while climbing the ladder, we won’t judge!
  • Get a Fresh Start – A level 30 account with finished ranked placements is a convenient way to get back into the game after getting banned. Our accounts are hand-leveled, so you don’t have to worry about getting penalized again. Just make sure you’re not going to do anything ban-worthy again!
  • Qualify for End-of-Season Rewards – Buying a League of Legends Silver account already makes you eligible for a Victorious ward skin at the end of the season. Climb your way up a tier to Gold, and you’ll get the Victorious champion skin, too!

Buy a Self-Leveled LoL Smurf Account

Start your climb up the League of Legends ladder as fast as possible with a League of Legends smurf account from SmurfMania. We provide accounts on a wide variety of servers and ranks. Each of them is hand-leveled, so you don’t have to worry about penalties. Just jump into the action!

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