11 Wild Rift Tricks That You Need to Know

11 Wild Rift Tricks That You Need to Know – I’m going to cover the tricks of the League of Legends: Wild Rift game. Although, as about tricks, rather about mechanics, which few people know about. Perhaps you are a good player and have already managed to learn everything in this game. but not all of them.

Climbing the League of Legends: Wild Rift ladder is difficult. This novice advice, on the other hand, come from the professionals, so you know they’ll work. Riot Games’ League of Legends: Wild Rift has dominated the mobile MOBA scene. When you’re just getting started, there’s just one thing to do: climb the ladder. Knowing how to play the game like an expert can help you get to the top and avoid falling (and staying) in bronze. Here are some of the tips and tricks.
Keep track of your goals
Stay in touch with your team
Be aware of your surroundings
Get a firm grip on a select group of champions
Investigate the Best Item Builds
Have a go at Middle Lane or Jungle.
Participate in as many games as you like
Become acquainted with your champion’s statistics
Double-check that you’re hitting every minion last.
Become acquainted with the map

And so, many people know about the first trick, but I must definitely tell about it, since I rarely meet people who adhere to it. And she will be associated with the Herald. Did you know to beat him in the back? Then you do more damage and this applies not only to the Herald, which stands in the place of Baron Nasher, but also to the Herald, which was released. You could often notice the pure damage that takes off when you hit it. So this is because you hit him in the back. Immediately, without departing from the Herald, I will tell you more about the little scourge associated with it. Take your time to release it to the lane. After all, he gives you an accelerated teleport, the same as Baron after his death. Yes, and it is advisable to release him on the Baron lane before the dragon appears, so that he can either push the lane while everyone is hitting the dragon, or distract the attention of some enemies, due to which you can get an advantage in numbers on the dragon and win the fight.

The next Wild Rift trick, again, is related to the neutral monster that appears after the Rift Herald, namely Baron Nasher. He, unlike Herald, does not need to be hit in the back, otherwise you take more damage and you will be stunned. In every game, the jungler on my team makes this mistake: when we need to quickly kill Baron and instead of a few hits on him that could kill him, he stands in stun. Because of what the enemy team has time to come and give us a fight. In addition, there are situations where a jungler without life starts hitting Baron from behind, thinking that this way he will receive less damage. But in the end, he dies because of the stun, from which he could not escape. I hope, with this advice or, as I called above, a trick, I will help any jungler in mastering such a neutral as Baron Nasher.

Wild Rift Trick number 4 will be associated with the hero Zed. About her, I think very few people know. But the mainers still need to know about it. A merciless rebound that gives you a streak of victories, then a streak of losses and no equal games. And all this has been repeated for a long time. That is why the win rate for all is 55-56%. So here’s the trick. Often, when playing on Zed, you come across such opponents. like Gragas and Ahri, who after your ultimate can quickly catch you with their skill. Ahri has a heart, and Gragas has a jerk. And you will not be able to quickly leave the shadow, from where you started to ult. So, this trick will allow you to get around this. You just need to put a shadow anywhere, ult on the enemy and immediately teleport to this shadow, and not to the shadow that appears after the ult. Why is that? I’ll explain now. The fact is that in order to return back to the ultimate, Zed must first appear, and then teleport. Yes, you can do everything quickly, but smart Ahri or Gragas will still have time to catch you and it is not a fact that you will survive. But when you teleport to the previously placed shadow after the ultimate, you don’t need to appear. You, immediately after the animation of the ultimate, appear on it. In addition to the situation with Gragas, it can also help in bringing down the stasis of some heroes, such as marksmans. Let’s consider the situation. Runs Jinx with Lux and has stasis. You put the shadow aside and freeze it. It freezes and Lux ​​catches you. And that’s all. With a 99% Chance, you are a corpse, since already in the middle stage of the game the whole team is next to the ADC, but if you pull this little trick, then no one can catch you and you will successfully knock down stasis.

Wild Rift Trick number 5. It is associated with such heroes. like Ezreal and Tristana and is about ignoring the hook from Blitzcrank. Everything is very simple. You see that a hook flies at you and it hits you. Quickly poke the jump with Tristana, or the Ezreal teleport and that’s it, you were not attracted!

Wild Rift Trick number 6. It is connected with events. Recently, developers have been doing large-scale events, which consist in long-term completion of tasks and many tasks, for example, are very difficult to complete in rank. Well, either you have little time to complete them. So that’s it. All tasks from events can be performed with bots. Absolutely with any bots. But not in training mode.
The seventh Wild Rift trick is related to the hero Janna and it may seem as useless as possible, but I must definitely tell you about it. Janna is the only hero in the game who can hang shields on the tower. Surprised?

Wild Rift Trick number 8. I consider this trick to be the most useful and the most uncommon. Few people know about it, but this is my personal opinion and experience. I myself just recently learned about it. Do you often have that you bought the wrong item at the base and do not sell it, because you do not want to lose gold. So that’s it. If you have not left the base yet, you can return this item without losing a single coin. All you need to do is click on the item and then on the return arrow. And that’s it, your gold is in place! Buy what you want.

Wild Rift Trick number 9. Although it is difficult to call it a trick. More like a mechanic. This is due to the hero Amumu. Ult needs to be pressed before the jump, if you want to fly into the crowd and immediately stun them. Before the ultimate, Amumu has a cast.

Wild Rift Trick number 10. Again, it’s hard to call it trick. Just information for those who love playing Twisted Fate. You all know its passive effect, when after finishing off a champion or any creep, you roll the dice and get an additional two to twelve gold. So that’s it. You can see at any moment of the game how much gold you have earned with this passive effect. You just need to click where the purchase of heroes, rollers and then on the section with skills are shown. There, select passive and see how much you earned from finishing off creeps and heroes.

Wild Rift Trick number 11. Well, let’s say, such a small bonus. It is associated with such a wonderful additional ability as a jump. Earlier, I talked about the trick of casting Amumu’s ultimate with a jump. So that’s it. This can be done not only with Amumu’s ultimate! With Sonna, Aurelion Sol, Malphite and other ults, some heroes can do the same. Interesting with what heroes? So get into training mode and check it out!.

These were 11 Wild Rift Tricks That You Need to Know

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