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16 League of Legends tricks that you should know

There are many game interactions and special tricks in League of Legends that are often overlooked, but in many cases they can be very useful.

1.As Ezreal: The damage of every ultimate hit is reduced by 8%.
2.As Yasuo: Yasuo can Q during hit ult animation.
3.As Janna: Waiting until you’re really pressured is a wonderful strategy to get an early lvl 6 kills. Then ultimate and flash straight behind the enemy. If done correctly, this should drive foes directly into your tower and do a lot of damage.
4.As Riven Your Third Q can jump some walls.
5.As Ahri You Can Q the wraiths over the wall to stack your passive.
6.As Yorick You should buy Captain boots. Since the ghouls run faster then.
7.As Shyvana Your Twin Bite (Q) takes out 2 bars on a green ward.
8.As Syndra against a Jarvan IV You can move an enemy Jarvan flag by Syndra’s Q+E combo.
9.As Thresh You can put your lantern on a friendly minion so the enemy can’t attack it.
10.As Lucian, you can recall while casting the culling.
11.As a Jungler You can smite while recalling, it won’t interrupt your recall.
12.As any champ GA doesn’t pop if you die by fountain.
13.As Leona You can AA Q (for reset) AA to kill a ward. Stand in bot lane bushes and wait for it to be placed.
14.As Zed Your ult can dodge almost everything if timed correctly
15.As Katarina You can kill a fresh ward by auto attacking it.
16.As any champ You can ping an enemy LeBlanc before she goes into passive.

Our first tip on the list is one of my favorites because it’s a little wacky, but far more useful than it sounds. It deals with the use of wards in team fights. When fighting an enemy adeker, remember that most of these players like to use a move attack. They do this to make it easier to chase and attack the target. If you are fighting against such champions, then you can take advantage of this and place a ward in the middle of the battle right in front of you. So, if they attack on the move, then they will most likely hit the ward once or twice instead of you. This works best against ADCs, and this trick is very helpful in avoiding unnecessary damage in team fights.

Tip # 2 especially for Rengar players. Did you know that you can jump out of the bushes near the red buff to the dragon or baron? Since the jump lasts a couple of seconds, after exiting the bushes, you can come closer to the wall and, seeing the target, you can safely jump to it. You can use this to make a very daring escape.

Tip number three. Wukong has some crazy interactions with Jarvan IV’s ultimate. When Wukong creates his clone, he moves forward slightly and can use this to jump over a wall.
Council number 4. Keepers of Kalista. They don’t just hang around and look weird. If the guardians see an enemy or an ally, then you will get an assist, or if he notices an enemy jungler who dies there, then you will get a kill for him.
Our next tip is about the death meter and is directed specifically at Cho’gat, the Zed, and the Duskblade of the Draktar. If you have the sixth level for Cho’gata and if your ultimate is ready, an indicator will appear around the enemy, showing when your devouring can kill him instantly. This way you will never miss out on enemies with low health. Zed has a similar indicator that shows a shuriken over the heads of enemies when Zed’s ultimate can kill them.
The same goes for the new duskblade of the Draktar, which also shows when you can kill the target. Therefore, when playing as these champions or using the Twilight Blade, you will never miss out on opponents with low health.

Tip number six refers to very simple animation undo for Fiora. As Fiora, you can parry by dashing in any direction. This can be very useful for getting to your target when you want to avoid being chased or if you just want to slow down your opponents early.
Next is number seven. Applies to Thresh.
Firstly, the lantern is considered an object, that is, you can teleport to it, which can be useful for the player on the top lane. But it is also considered an obstacle. This means that you can slow down someone in a position you don’t like, pull him in with a hook, or chase the enemy a little further. This works best between the tower and the wall on the bottom line of the outer tower, and is a great way to hook or swing at an unsuspecting target.

The eighth tip will be a little more fun because we will move on to ARAM mode. On the “Howling Abyss” map, there is one spot just behind the second bush in the center. If you do everything right and get close to the wall, you can get inside it, which will make you almost invisible. This is a very cool place to hide, playing as initiating champions like Fiddlesticks, or if you just want to attack from there.

Number nine. By the way, this is cool. Shaco boxes – everyone knows what they are. They are usually less dangerous because most movement spells allow you to jump over them and destroy them. But if you put two boxes of shako one on top of the other, then they will either cancel or bug any movement skill in the game. This is just insane and possibly the most powerful control you can find.
Number 10 is one of my favorite tricks. When Pantheon takes off from its ultimate, it is completely invulnerable to damage, whether it be fiddlestick depletion or cartus ult, zed’s brand, or whatever. If he took off, then he must land. Bonus fact of this number: You can use your Mastery Emote as the Pantheon while you are in the air, and it will appear before your landing, which will spice up your superhero landing.

Council number 11. We move to the jungle of Olaf and Trundle. They possess skills that enhance all forms of healing – as opposed to anything like vampirism or magical vampirism. So hold back your punishment until they have a red buff, especially early in the game, as they get a lot of healing from it. If you start on the red side and go clearing out the jungle, try starting with the strabeaks in front of the red buff, then moving on to the leggings so that you can use the Karl on the red buff and increase your healing, which will allow you to gank a little earlier.

At number 12, for fun, we’ll show you how to troll. Wall of Anivia and Pillar of Trundle can knock down friendly champions if you want to cancel their teleporter or allow an enemy Yasuu to attack them. Although, if you use them as bait, then maybe it won’t even be trolling. In theory, you can knock down your ally so that the enemy does not jump on you.

Number 13. We have already mentioned Kalista. She looks like a girl who lacks love, so how about this: in battle, Callista’s power comes from her rending skill, she picks up a bunch of spears and then literally rips your soul out. But did you know that you can use the KKS and take away all the spears she has?

At number 14, we’ll take a look at Orianna. She has always been a consistent champion for the mid, however some people have difficulty keeping track of her ball, which makes it difficult to play for her, but even harder to play against her. Small known fact. You can hide the Orianna ball inside walls or surroundings to catch unsuspecting victims by surprise.

Number fifteen concerns the mad clown Shaco. The thing about Shaco is that you never know what to expect from him. As a true clown, he can be either downright terrifying or slightly funny. And so, when Shaco emerges from the bushes with a third health, trying to kill you on the fourth level, you can rejoice that he is definitely not terrifying, but is he? If Shaco reaches level 6, being in the jungle, where no one can see him, then he will be able to use his ultimate and send his double to the lane. Enemies will see that he has the same level as the last time they saw, and since his level will be shown below 6, the enemy will not even suspect that this is a setup. This can make for very funny ganks.

And under the sixteenth tip on our list, we’ll move on to Maokai and likewise Pantheon. When Maokai travels through his unnatural offensive, he becomes immune to any kind of damage. So if you time it right, you can dodge skills like Cartus Ultimate, Wai Ultimate, or maybe even avoid the last Ignite Tick when you run away.

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