5 League of Legends Tips for Beginners

5 League of Legends Tips for Beginners – Almost any beginner League of Legends player has some difficulty in mastering it, since some important points in the training are not included. Something is not clear at all.
Relatively recently, not every novice player knew that almost every champion, in addition to the main four skills that you pump during the game, also has a passive skill. And someone, just simply, does not read this information, considering it unimportant. I want to assure you friends that this is not the case. Most of the characters in League of Legends have their greatest trick lies precisely in their passive ability. If you do not use it, or simply do not know about its properties, then you will never master the Champion of the surviving level. For example: Garen recovers health very well outside of combat and it is enough just to stand at a distance for a while and wait. A player who does not know this will most likely return to base, losing experience and gold in the process. This, as a result, can turn into a defeat, as your opponent will continue to farm, while gaining an advantage. For some, passives increase some characteristics in certain situations, while for others, in general, the whole game is built on pumping this skill. For example, a champion like Nasus, who gets stacks for killing enemies, and it is these stacks that will determine the effectiveness of this champion in the late stage. In general, there are enough such characters and this must be given due importance.

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world, with over 27 million active players and counting. However, for individuals who have never played a multiplayer online battle arena game before, they might be intimidating because many other players in the community assume you already know how to play. So, if you’re seeking for a quick way to pick up the fundamentals of the game and eventually make it through a battle without being labeled an uber-noob, look no further.
Try Out Different Characters
Learn the Map
Try to Learn One Position Really Well
Learn the Hotkeys
Stay Behind Minions

The game has various tasks that are constantly updated and for completing these tasks you will receive quite worthy rewards. Again, many newcomers to League of Legends ignore them, believing that all this is useless, but it is thanks to them that you will earn in-game currency to get new heroes and skills for them, as well as successfully develop your game skill. For example, you might have a mission to kill a hundred forest monsters while you haven’t played as a jungler before. Here you will have to brainwash and think about which champion would be better to do this, which opens up new boundaries and new characters for you. And this, of course, is a new experience, which, of course, will develop your skills as a player. Such tasks appear constantly and you will not only receive good rewards for completing them, but the process of the game itself will become much more interesting.
The next very important attribute in our list of 5 League of Legends Tips for Beginners is Runes. At the very start, it seems that this is too much information, because here, indeed, so much has been written and it is very difficult to master all this at once. It is, but this is another necessary step to improve the quality of your game. At the very beginning, it often happened that I unknowingly added magic runes to physical Champions and vice versa, which, of course, caused displeasure among the teammates. But, fortunately, I came across quite adequate guys in the computer who, during the game, briefly managed to explain to me what was what and what they were eating with.

Of course, at some point I came to the conclusion that it is nevertheless necessary to study this moment in more detail, so as not to commit more such stupid things. In fact, everything turned out to be simple and understandable. It was only necessary to re-read the properties of the runes a couple of times. Well, then make your own kits depending on your favorite champions and playing style. As a last resort, the network is again full of useful guides from more experienced players, where the guys quite easily explain which runes should be used and which guides should not be neglected, since there is absolutely nothing wrong with adopting the knowledge of more experienced players. After all, they themselves were once the same.
Well, now, perhaps, about the sore point – this is the selection of roles during the selection of champions. Novice players, either due to ignorance of how roles are distributed in the game, or due to the fact that, in principle, they play for one or two characters, make choices at random, which, in fact, can lead to defeat already at this stage … Roles in League of Legends were distributed for a reason. Each of them must perform specific functions throughout the entire gameplay. By choosing two Champions of the same role, the same balance will be upset, since it will become much more difficult to play. For example, it is not uncommon for players to grab two marksmans who should be on the bottom lane together with a support. But where can you find the second support for the second marksman? Standing on mid is very dangerous, as marksman are pretty weak and will be just food for the enemy jungler, and possibly their opponent in the lane. On the top lane, where, as a rule, dense Champions with good damage are located, it will be about the same. Well, the forest for marksman is such an occupation. Except for Graves. After all, the main task for the marksman in the late game is to make a huge amount of damage, which, of course, directly depends on your farm, which can be extremely slow in the forest. It is necessary to remember that marksman and a support always go to the bottom lane, which will help him to farm faster, not die, kill enemies and the like throughout the game. The so-called mid laner goes to the middle lane – a Champion capable of inflicting good damage and not constantly dying from attacks of enemy junglers. The top laner goes to the top lane – with good damage and survivability. Well, of course, the jungler himself, whose main task is to control the camps, including dragons and the Herald, and, of course, help his allies in killing enemies throughout the entire map. It also happens that there is no jungler in the team, but in the other one. And on the top lane, the top laner has to stand alone against two enemies. But, again, the jungler must understand that the forest in the enemy half is free and you can farm even faster and eventually come to your top laner faster.

Well, and the last tip in our 5 League of Legends Tips for Beginners – I will summarize a little, including here both wards and a map. Very common mistakes beginner players make are placing wards and observing the map. By systematically setting eyes and watching the mini-map every second, you can, at least approximately, know the location of the enemy Champions and the intentions of your allies. For example, your jungler runs to your aid, confident that the enemy will be killed now. But you continued to beat the creeps, because you simply did not notice all this, because you did not follow the map. Either you did not install your Ward, forgetting about it and did not see the attack of the enemy jungler, dying again.
There are a lot of nuances and situations associated with wards and a mini-map, and it may really be very difficult to get used to it right away, but you need to strive for this, since this is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the gameplay.

It was our list of 5 League of Legends Tips for Beginners, thanks for your attention! 🙂

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